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Sacred Island Of The Mad


Sacred Island Of The Mad

Dark Entries
LP $17.50


DE 009 

***REPRESSED!!! Dark Entries is honored to present the highly limited second cassette by British duo NAGAMATZU for the first time ever on vinyl. Sacred Islands of the Mad is a collection of eleven tracks recorded between December 1984 and March 1986 in London by ANDREW LAGOWSKI (SETI, LEGION, TERROR AGAINST TERROR) on synths, guitar, and drum machines and STEPHEN JARVIS (PURE MOTORISED INSTINCT, TERRAFORM) on synths, bass and programming. Nagamatzu began in 1982 after messing around with old tape machines and drum boxes, making numerous contributions to international compilations and erratically releasing their own cassettes. Their name comes from a character in JG Ballard‘s Atrocity Exhibition and their music reflects his influence and incorporates samples from the Challenger shuttle disaster, Gregorian chants and films including Dawn of the Dead and The Omen. All the songs were recorded onto a Ferrograph reel to reel in a small room at their parent’s house and some of the backing rhythms and sequencers were recorded first onto cassette and then the band played along live. Nagamatzu’s instrumentals combine stuttering bass, guitar bursts and funeral keyboards draped over a dragging drum machine beat, calling to mind Clock DVA, Cabaret Voltaire and early New Order or Cocteau Twins. Sacred Islands of the Mad is a complex, textured tapestry of sound full of dark electronics, fresh harmonies and danceable rhythms. 
All songs have been remastered especially for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley from the original cassette masters. Each LP is housed in a sleek black jacket with spot gloss lettering and includes a newsprint zine full of fliers, gig tickets, ads, and photos plus 2 postcards designed by VII SINS.