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LP $17.75



"DAVE SHARP called the Dagoretti Records office one day in September, 2016 asking if he could do a recording session in Nairobi. We naturally told him 'Yes!' not believing he might actually come. Through some twist of fate, Dave came into a handful of money and appeared unannounced in May of 2017. NDIO SASA were available without question. An SMS message was sent out to BOAZ JAGINGO (of KENGE KENGE ORUFU SYSTEM). A positive reply came immediately, time was booked at ADA and we were practicing the next day armed with nothing more than a few riffs and ideas. Dave is a well known professional bass player from Michigan with a heavy, distinctive sound with jazz, Indian, funk and metal influences. Boaz is among the best active musicians in Kenya, playing the orutu, a one stringed, violin like instrument from Western Kenya and singing in a traditional Luo style. KABOGE is an accomplished African percussionist who melds numerous percussion styles from East and West Africa. Alongside him is TOMO TSUKAHARA, percussionist from Japan who has lived in East Africa for nearly a decade. PETE LARSON plays the nyatiti, an eight stringed lyre like instrument from the Lake Victoria region of Kenya and the shamisen from Japan. Rounding out the sound is COLIN CROWLEY, a long time resident of Kenya who plays the American banjo in a Malian clawhammer style typical of the ngoni. This was a truly unique mix of people create a truly unique sound. The sessions for the album were nothing short of magical. Dave has brought in a few simple ideas and made almost no demands on what people played or didn't play. The songs you hear on this record arose organically from the unique combination of people who happened to be in the room on that particular day and would have been possible with no other group of musicians.

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