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3" CD $8.25


ROBO 022 

MP3 $2.99

07/18/2007 790168513626 


FLAC $3.99

07/18/2007 790168513626 


These two rowdy New Jersey neighbors have lived under separate roofs far too long, finally teaming up to create an indisputably powerful and compelling split CD. NEIL PERRY really shine under a new light with this one; frantic and heavy crunching guitars that aren't afraid to get hauntingly melodic, grooving and soothing bass riffs reminiscent of screamo legends PORTRAITS OF PAST, frenzied drumming with some of the sickest style and most mind-boggling fills, and lyrics at a level of intensity so high, they could only be manically screamed.  
A DAYS REFRAIN pummel with fast and chaotic screamo/hardcore blurred somewhere in between the lines of old CAVE IN and YOU AND I, but with more passion and sincerity than any other band playing this stuff today. While they won't shy away from getting emotional, ADR doesn't forget their hardcore roots and manages to blend different genres in their own heartfelt and chaotic, yet genuine and original way. Top all that off with the highest recording quality the bands have ever had, and you've got yourself a new model of screamy hardcore fine-tuned to perfection. Comes housed in a slimline case with a tiny 3" miniCD!


  1. #1 Forces of Habit By A Days Refrain


  2. #2 District Eleven By A Days Refrain


  3. #3 Don't Fake the Funk By A Days Refrain


  4. #4 Looking Back At the Way You Want to Be In the Future By Neil Perry


  5. #5 Fading Away Like the Rest of Them By Neil Perry


  6. #6 Sorry For the Misunderstanding Mr. Watts...It Won't Happen Again By Neil Perry


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