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LP $15.50

02/01/2011 789397799918 

JPR 7111 

***Jackpot Records is proud to present THE NEW ORIGINAL SONIC SOUND LP. Composed of MARK ARM (vocals), STEVE TURNER and DAN PETERS from MUDHONEY, SCOTT MCCAUGHEY (R.E.M., MINUS 5), TOM PRICE (U-MEN, GAS HUFFER), BIG KAHUNA (GIRL TROUBLE), and CRIAG FLORY, all fans of 1960s NW garage pioneers The Sonics pay tribute and record an album entirely of Sonics songs. The Mudhoney factor is huge, as Mark Arm’s vocals lead the songs and 3/4 of the band is the backbone for NOSS. But more than sounding like Mudhoney doing a covers record, you really get a sense of how deep an influence The Sonics had on Mudhoney and all of these players, and all their friends’ and peer’s bands. The sense of reverence and purpose is audible, and the recordings are wild, electric and fun as hell. (STREET DATE - 2/01/2011)