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Epyx Shredder
LP $13.50


PPW 009 

***Imagine some fatdude band of thugs like Limecell giving the baseballcap punkpop of the (late '80s/early '90s) Queers a shot. It's that good! This is Kalamazoo Underground. Retarded Songs for the Retarded. Equal parts Angry Samoans and Ramones with that certain something (hick town isolation) for extra sparkle. And, There's a ROKKER cover to remind us NO BAILS knows what's up. Music so good ‘n simple, it took 3 or 4 people to come up with enough words for a one-sheet! 
Praise for the band’s Soundproof Room 7-inch on Orgone Toilet.  
"wow. more beautiful sub-garage punk crap from kalamazoo, michigan. using classicist uk forms in the manner of the best 1970's american xerox punks, this is a stinger from start to finish."—Byron Coley in the Wire UK 
Listed as one of the top 7”s of 2012 by Brian Turner (WFMU Rock Music Director) 
“These is two of the most perfect 7" stomach ache's anyone could ask for, right here, right now.”—Tom Lax Siltblog (In reference to both 2012 releases on Orgone Toilet)