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Field Of Appearances
CD $12.00

03/03/2023 843563159194 

PFL 280 CD 

LP $22.00

03/03/2023 843563155356 

PFL 280 

MP3 $8.99

03/03/2023 843563159200 

PFL 280 CD 

FLAC $9.90

03/03/2023 843563159200 

PFL 280 CD 

Field Of Appearances is the full-length debut from Los Angeles-based band Object Of Affection, which contains members of renowned acts Fury, Death Bells, and Lock. Meticulously crafted with Grammy-nominated producer Alex Newport and emerging engineer Phillip Odom, Field Of Appearances is an exceedingly memorable, precisely cohesive, and importantly, a refreshing addition to the alternative music landscape. With the inclusion of drum machines, synthesizers, acoustic guitars, and auxiliary percussion, Field Of Appearances highlights the band’s sophisticated evolution and experimentation from previous single “Through And Through” (Suicide Squeeze) and their self-titled tape. The result: ten songs exploding in character, contrast, and excitement. Exploring themes of reflection, insufficiency, and déjà vu as well as additional contributions from Bre Morell (Temple Of Angels, Crushed) and Brittney Beppu, each track on here simultaneously plays a role in making it a more significant sum than its parts while also standing out individually. This debut taps into the primitivism of said members’ other projects while elevating their capacity for atmosphere and melody. Hints of gloomy post-punk, forlorn new wave, and down-and-out Regan-era alternative rock reverberate in their sound, not as pastiche but in sonic kinship to the austerity and fatalism embedded in the previous generation’s desperate and dejected anthems. Already sharing the stage with accomplished bands including Ceremony, Fiddlehead, Gulch, These Arms Are Snakes, and Special Interest, the band is a welcome addition to the Profound Lore family.


  1. #1 Half Life

  2. #2 Run Back

  3. #3 Time

  4. #4 Laying Claim

  5. #5 Buried

  6. #6 Someone

  7. #7 Is This Fate

  8. #8 Con-Man

  9. #9 Empty Eyes

  10. #10 Why Now

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