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Deceiving Illusion

Odd Clouds

Deceiving Illusion

Not Not Fun
LP $13.75


NNF 143 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! A thousand years ago, in 2006, Michigan moonlighters ODD CLOUDS drizzled down their LP opus, The Cavernous End. Within the sphere of open-eyed freeform organized psych-jazz sprawl, nothing compared. Years later that album still kills, but not much has followed in its wake (there have been some loose tapes but those roll in a cruder basement fuckaround vein). So we are personally xxtremely pleased to be able to finally offer up the band’s latest album-length affair, Deceiving Illusion. A six-song spelunk into the deranged group brain responsible for noise scene mainstays like Fag Tapes and Tasty Soil Records, Illusion rumbles through a hall of mirrors of zones/styles, from freaky garbage punk to robot throat games to motorik brass meditations to unhinged ‘70s German commune beardo psych-blazers. The journey is the destination and all that. Abuse yr Illusion. Black vinyl LPs in stunning 4-color pro-silkscreened jackets with artwork by CHRIS POTTINGER and JAMIE EASTER, plus a double-sided photocopied insert. Edition of 400.

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