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Alku Toinen


Alku Toinen

LP $12.75


AGO 082 

CD $9.25


AGO 082 CD 

***PADNA is NAT HAWKS, a 38 year old middle school English teacher living in Brooklyn. He records at home in his spare time, putting out sounds since 2001. His goal is to make sad music with all manner of tool. Padna is honored to have released on Preservation, Stunned, Peasant Magik, Tape Drift, and Abandoned Ship. The graphic design for Padna Alku Toinen captures source material that is based on disaster articles taken from old International newspapers. The original content of the article disappeared, it has been cut out by scissors. What remains in the design is the visual typography exposing the hidden language of emptiness, loss, absence, desire, loneliness and sadness. All are emotions existing underneath the surfaces of the catastrophes. The Padna images are fragmented, distorted and uncomfortable. By connecting and constructing the typographic remains out of the article, words and letters, a new message will arise. A second beginning…