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LP $22.75

11/11/2022 712198573777 

VP 04 

***PENETRODE emerges from Philadelphia with a powerhouse debut LP. Dramatic, intense and precisely played hardcore punk! Penetrode oozes attitude in a way most contemporary bands can only aspire to.

“First full-length release from these Philly hardcore freaks. The more I listen to this, the more I like it. While all rooted in noisy, dark hardcore, the songs are all very distinct from each other and occasionally go from fast punk to slow dirges, like on 'Psychic Death.' There are some sonic similarities to bands like GAG and NERVOSAS, but the real stand-out here is vocalist/artist Bootsie. The vocals go from sung to shrieked to spoken and back again, with a distinctive yelp at the end of many lines. They’re great and sound confident, passionate, and exciting. Every song is a banger, but I keep going back to 'Ebb & Flow.' It’s got layers of negative bummer punk distortion with a catchy opening riff, time changes, dissonant vocals, and lyrics like (I think), 'Pick me up and spit me out.' It’s basically everything I want in a punk song. Check it out—this is a killer tape from a killer band.”—Nick Odorizzi (MRR #463 • DECEMBER 2021)