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Piscis Clangor


Piscis Clangor

In The Red
12" $12.00


ITR 114 

Detroit's Piranhas have carved quite a reputation for themselves in their short existence. Their live shows have been described as terrifying, confrontational, dangerous, offensive, intrusive and confusing amongst other things (all of it quite accurate). With live shows legendary for their violence and mayhem it has somehow been overlooked that the band is also responsible for some of the most original music going today. Punk? Prog? No Wave? It's all of these and none of them. Screaming vocals, frantic tempos, fractured song structures, left-field time changes, whirling carnival organ all executed with a demented sheen of pure art damage that would make The Residents proud. The Piranhas vinyl-only EP is presented with loads of pretension and no apologies - eight songs in exactly 23 minutes.