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12" $11.25


FDR 023 

***“On their debut six-song 12-inch, Cleveland's PLEASURE LEFTISTS bring six tracks of driving, distant post-punk that skirts the monochrome gradient and darkened corridors of early gothic rock and death rock. The first band that we've worked with based on the strength of a demo, PL wowed us immediately with their fully-realized reverbed-out dark vision. The curious need look no further than leadoff track, ‘Nature Of Feeling’ an exercise in nervous tension featuring an urgent rhythm section, a saw blade-sharp guitar tone, topped with singer HALEY MORRIS’ low, morbid howl. The song ‘Suits’ progresses this sound further with its almost call to arms thumping bass. ‘Passage on a Ghost Ship’ is a mini epic where the vocals push and pull until the song bursts completely open. While many bands are attempting to cash in on the so called trend of ‘Nu-Goth,’ ‘Grave Wave,’ or whatever the fuck new dumb Last.Fm tag is invented that day, Pleasure Leftists drop a record that not only leaves all of those goofy bands looking like amateurs, but a record that also sounds fresh and vibrant. Pleasure Leftists will be playing selected Midwest and East Coast dates in 2011.”