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Scatter Brained

Psyched To Die

Scatter Brained

7" $4.90


ZZZ 84 

***PSYCHED TO DIE practically qualify as a New Jersey punk all-star band, being composed of ex-members of THE ERGS, FOR SCIENCE, HUNCHBACK and a bunch more. Forget all that, though, this sounds nothing like any of those bands. (MIKEY ERG is nothing if not versatile!) Starting off as a straightforward DC-meets early Touch And Go hardcore band with lyrics about as uplifting as the name would suggest, Psyched To Die's newer material slows it down just a bit and explores the area where punk and early hardcore intersect, kind of a cross between Dangerhouse and early Orange County hardcore. Happy-fun-time music this ain't. This is fast, dirty, bleak and negative, but still strangely catchy.