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SMR 008 

***“It is no secret that RADIOACTIVITY are one of the hottest garage/punk acts on the planet right now. Featuring JEFF BURKE and MARK RYAN from a legendary Denton, Texas quartet the MARKED MEN, the band saw the release of their highly anticipated debut LP on Dirtnap Records as well as a-song 7” on Germany’s Alien Snatch Records in 2013. Both records were received extremely well by the press and fans alike. Continuing the legacy of their mighty predecessor, Radioactivity, offer up some of the catchiest, most infectious, tightly executed pop tunes out there. But that doesn’t mean the band is content with just following a single formula, as is evident on their latest release on Secret Mission Records. Here are two brand new songs that offer some moodier melodies and are laced with colorful if not different guitar sounds, then on their previous releases. ‘Danger’ is a contemplative number, in which singer/guitar player Jeff Burke does some deep soul searching, laid to a beautiful tune. While ‘Why’ is a more confrontational number, with bigger drum sounds. Still, as usually is the case with Radioactivity, the melody is the driving force here. This is an amazing record! You definitely need it! There are 500 copies pressed! Also do yourself a favor and check out Radioactivity live, as they are gearing up for a summer tour with our buds Bad Sports!—Aleks Shaulov