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Candle Power
LP $24.75

05/05/2017 828887008915 


***RAT COLUMNS is the mutable musical project of DAVID WEST, an artist as prolific as he is diverse in his output. West is the driving force behind the groups RANK/XEROX, LIBERATION and LACE CURTAIN, he was also a member of TOTAL CONTROLl, and most recently debuted a solo album proper. Whether its forward-facing punk or turning his hand to crafting sleek prisms of pop, West's credentials check out. Rat Columns is no exception, always central to his vision and returned to many times since its inception in Perth almost a decade ago. A third album, entitled Candle Power, was recorded in Guildford, Western Australia, with the Perth crew of West, AMBER GEMPTON, LOUIS HOOPER and CHRIS COLiLiS, Candle Power sees the band's universe of chiming guitar pop explode into new worlds of color and shade. Candle Power tunnels further than ever before down the pop mainline, cutting in with moments of soul, disco, and experimental plots. West is a magpie-like musician, unafraid to assemble songs from a motley collection of influences and ideas. He weaves songs together with a deft hand and an acute grasp for the memorable yet momentary. No Export.