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CD $10.50


ADR 084 CD 

“Pummeling psychedelic heaviness from the fertile musical underground of Lexington, Kentucky, the three-piece CADAVER IN DRAG are often linked to the genre labels of ‘noise’ or ‘metal’ but like most bands in the ADR universe, it is nearly impossible to categorize what’s really going on here. Just know that this is an extremely heavy trip, and that the striking cover art tells the entire story better than I ever could. Added aural mind fucking courtesy of ROBERT BEATTY (of HAIR POLICE) on synthesizer and mastering duties. Demonstrating their capability of harnessing the thick, violent power of Man is the Bastard while filtering it all through a cloud of phased-out Floydian weed smoke, Cadaver In Drag weave a tale of misanthropy and disgust with Raw Child, their debut full-length.”

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