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Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie


Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie

Secret Mission
7" $7.50


SMR 023 

***Tokyo's RULER returns with their second single of 2018! The band continues their trademark sound of '70s punk rock n roll done to perfection while managing to keep things feeling fresh and powerful. Again FINK (TEENGENERATE, FIRESTARTER) is joined with his RAYDIOS alumni AZUMI, and fellow longtime Tokyo punk stalwarts OTOYA (INTIMATE FAGS) and RAYCO (TRIPLE JUNK). The two tracks here, "Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie" (Eddie Cochran), and "(it's not) Saturday Night" are even more more in line with that early Teengenerate aesthetic of fast, fun, simple, catchy. No time wasted. It's especially impressive that after playing punk rock for 30-plus years, Fink and co. somehow continue to be as productive, or even more than, kids half their age, and all while keeping an incredible track record of high quality. The first single sold out in a week with no repress, so order this one while you can, only 250 copies in the US.