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7" $7.50


SMR 019 

***Over the past 25 years, Japanese punk scene stalwart FINK has become something of an anomaly. He has somehow managed to consistently create, play, and release a steady stream of timeless sounding new punk records. Age hasn’t slowed him one bit either, in fact, his bands continue to sound just as powerful and exciting as those early TEENGENRATE / RAYDIOS did back to us in the early '90s. This is the debut 7” of his new full-time band RULER, which he has teamed up with fellow Tokyo scene veterans AZUMI (THE YOUNG ONES, Raydios), RAYCO (TRIPLE JUNK) and OTOYA (of Rip-Off Records' INTIMATE FAGS). The band sounds just as awesome as you’d expect given the history of the members. Fast and simple '70s influenced punk, buzzsaw guitar, snotty vocals, powerful rhythm section and catchy hooks hold the whole thing together. 2 songs well under 3 minutes each, exactly how this is supposed to be done. It’s another solid entry into Fink’s incredible music catalogue, and pretty inspiring to see that as fads come and go, Fink and the gang will seemingly always be there, holding down the punk rock fort for those who want a reminder of why they got into this in the first place. 200 copies for the USA.