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LP $21.50

07/24/2012 781484052616 


CD $13.75

07/24/2012 781484052623 

DC 526 CD 

***BACK IN PRINT!!! Born from a similar, natural need for stillness as well as agitation, LAETITIA SADIER (STEREOLAB, MONADE) delivers her follow-up solo LP, Silencio—an album exploring the individual connection to a deeper self placed in a broader environment, in a similarly fresh kind of way. The album opens with “The Rule of the Game,” a song inspired by Jean Renoir’s 1939 film La Regle Du Jeu, thematically taking the ruling classes’ responsibility for the rise of fascism as its focus. “Auscultation to the Nation” comments on the monetary system, literally translated from a rant by a France Inter phone-in listener who questioned the political legitimacy of our monetary leaders. Who needs leaders when you have friends and cohorts? Silencio features some exciting collaboration: “Next Time You See Me” is a new jammer with former Stereolabber, TIM GANE; and musical drifter-man JAMES ELKINGTON provides writing for two tracks, “Fragment pour le future de l’homme” and “There Is A Price To Pay For Freedom (And It Isn’t Security),” in addition to recording and playing on much of the record. Of more concern is the singularity of Laetitia Sadier. That voice, the one that reaches you and wraps you up each time you hear it. Calm, direct. Cool and hot. If you’re unable to attain an inner connection with yourself, Laetitia will connect to it, for you. Silencio is your human modem.