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Shadow Of Marlboro Man

Savage Young Taterbug

Shadow Of Marlboro Man

Night People
PIC12" $15.50


NP 225 

***It took too long, its a little too short to satisfy the thirst, but maybe its not so bad to leave a person wanting more, regardless its finally here The Shadow of Marlboro Man by CHARLES FREE THE SAVAGE YOUNG TATERBUG. A mythology created by fact and fiction surrounded by love, hate, and all things in between hovers around the burnt out scrappy charismatic aura of Charles Free. A soul shinned by a life beaten against itself, always searching for new magic in the futility and self-destruction of Americas great black top oblivion. All that living, myth, and aura is distilled to perfection in these five songs. With a little help from some key friends Charles has managed to create his masterpiece of the thus far, maybe never again, hoping for more, because this short release is that damn good. Some of you might not get it but for those that do and for those that have followed the journey prior the waiting has been worth it. All the dirt, fuzz, and noise has been rendered into the atmosphere that gives these songs that something special. A clarity is now evident, songs now stand out, the poetry now speaks, and the Marlboro Man has casts his shadow. Pressed on one-sided silkscreened picture disc vinyl.

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