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She's A Beam / Milk Bird Flyer

Segall, Ty & Cory Hanson

She's A Beam / Milk Bird Flyer

Drag City
10" $15.50

02/12/2021 781484080411 

DC 804 

***Broken nation time! Dark skies over our days, an increased reliance on black-market products. Wanna buy some 5-year old sunshine? With 2020 hindsight, it’s looking pretty good... 
Smash-cut to 2015. Two boys with guitars on their chests, stretching songwriting muscles and finding, to their delight, new possibilities at every run up the neck—a new normal every second. This means trading vocal parts mid-song, then trading back again, modulating madly through rhythm changes, looking for a note in the harmony they’d never played or sung before. All in the service of locating the feelgood pop alchemy in a song in which no parts are repeated. Laying it all down with a sweet solid state vibe. Almost like a form of instant nostalgia for the world that that would soon be ‘used to be...' “Milk Bird Flyer” is a perfect other A to pair with “She’s a Beam,” hovering on a fade-in fanfare of gleaming guitar godness before shifting into a countryish tripper with cheerful Psilo-sci-fi-bin lyrics to bend and stretch the ecstatic shuffle of the beat. As with “She’s a Beam,” Ty and Cory are floating so tight in the harmony that we’re like, “Who’s who?” But it doesn’t matter. These lost songs are found again, and we feel the same! The pure sounds of yesterday (you know, actually five years ago, but it feels like it, doesn’t it?) are bright like a moment in time just waiting for its chance to exist, a nugget of potency landing right between the eyes in any era. Turn it up and smile, smile, smile! One-sided 10-inch EP with etched B-side. (STREET DATE 2/12/2021)