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DC 505 

***It ain’t always clean. Not every time, man. Sometimes, hardly ever. Goodbye Bread is on its own level, but TY SEGALL is an if-it-shines-it-shines kinda guy. And “Spiders” is more like downtown without the lights. The a-side creeps heavy and sounds like some Finnish funeral if it were a slow-jam on a dance or littered with off-handed mutterings of the word “gnarly” and everyone just a tad high but no one copping to it. Of course, that only adequately describes one of the A-side jams. Like a good friend, “Spiders” totally smacks both cheeks, what with being a double A-sided single and all. Per usual, the B-side is a through-the-ringer-cover (this time it’s the Groundhogs) brought to new life through Ty-Fi Recording. Recorded just a few minutes ago (or months? who can tell?) with Sic Alps’ MIKE DONOVAN pushing the start and stop button on the tape machine, shit kills. (STREET DATE - 11/08/2011)

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