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Evolution 5 Technology

Series A

Evolution 5 Technology

Dark Entries
12" $12.75

06/21/2016 744271372373 

DE 126 

***SERIES-A was the duo of SAM ANDERSON aka DJ MAESTRO and DAVE WEBB aka KID FRESH. Sam and Dave both grew up listening to the sounds of the Electrifying Mojo on WJLB in Detroit. They met in 1983 at a DJ gig that they were both hired to play. In 1986, they collaborated on the Nu-Sound II Crew project. After developing a friendship with Juan Atkins, they became hip to the emerging new club sounds that were to become electro and techno.Their subsequent project, Series-A, was named after different car model numbers, but also hints at the evolution of humankind into a new species. 
In 1987, Series-A recorded the single “Evolution ⁵ Technology” at Spectrum Sounds Studio in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Their set up was a vocoder, E-mu Emulator III, Roland 909 drum machine, and an Otari 24-Track recorder. They landed a record deal with Satellite Records in Burbank, California, which had been founded by Pete Moore of The Miracles. After pressing 50 promotional copies, the label ran into financial problems, and the record never reached a full release. Taking cues Kraftwerk, Grand Master DST, Grandmaster Flash & Jam Master Jay, Series-A created dark electro beats in an era when sampling appeared to be the future of music. Lyrically the song addresses our species' entry into the technological age. For this EP reissue, the 7” Mix and Dub Mix are included on the A-side. On the flip is a new remix by prolific Ann Arbor producer JTC, an alias of TADD MULLINIX (aka DABRYE, SK-1, & CHARLES MANIER). JTC speeds up and expands the song to seven minutes. Drawing on influences from Ron Hardy to Jeff Mills, he drives around suburban techno landscapes while simultaneously launching the listener into deep space. 
All songs have been remastered for vinyl by GEORGE HORN at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The jacket is specially designed by ELOISE LEIGH and features a cyborg fossil motif with RGB color band and gradients. Each copy includes a post card with with notes.

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