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Bong-ra Vs. Sickboy

Shotgun Wedding Vol. 5

Violent Turd
CD $6.75


TURD 18 

Holland and Belgium's most feared sonic weapons return with a ravetastic battle mix for The Turd!   Bong-Ra, well known for his 2001 Peel Sessions, a raunchy collaboration with The US Bikini Bandits, and a smoother-than-smooth remixes of Venetian Snares' Rossz Csillag Allat Szueletett, has also notched chart-breaking hits like "Murder You" (dj/rupture's all time fave!), "Deat$ucker Rave" and "666MPH" (a classic video that enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV Europe). So who said rave was dead? Rave is the new punk and this former breakbeat centerfold seems to have scored a one-way ticket on the Tardis back to the fluorescent, sound-warped '90s. He's proven before with his Yardcore, Junglist and Resonance FM mixes that no Shotgun Wedding reception is safe from his mentalist mash-ups.   Sickboy returns to the TB6 family with a smashing megamix of cutting edge dance and hardcore music that's bound to set any stereo, walkman or ipod on fire. This time, his positive vibes and raw dancefloor energy reach Mercurial dimensions as he operates 55 mixers and 666 turntables with octopus arms! Meanwhile back on planet Earth, Sickboy and his wood-crew continue to torment the Belgian underground with clubnights on pirate ships setting sail for horizons unknown. Get ready for a good laugh and a sweaty dance session. Hypah! Hypah! Respect to the man in the ice-cream van!

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