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Concussion Summer

Social Junk

Concussion Summer

Not Not Fun
LP $12.25


NNF 130 

***LIMITED QUANTITY BACK IN STOCK!!! Ashland, Kentucky's SOCIAL JUNK are champs of the direct, red-blooded approach to music. Somewhere between the Bible Belt brutality of Sword Heaven and Tusco Terror and the sticky southern electronics of Pax Titania or even recent Wet Hair, SJ navigate an interesting interzone, boiling together ominous loops, mangled sax, heavy riffs, various vocal moods (pissed, lost, aggro, angelic), militant tribal drumming, and a mess of electric atmospheres into something genuinely gripping and wholly their own. Concussion Summer rumbles through noisy drum circles, hypnotic thrash, and even a couple creepy ballads, with NOAH ANTHONY and HEATHER YOUNG’s co-dependent chemistry channeled into eight concise hybrid pieces of perfect/classic JUNK. High-time, and fully worth the wait. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with artwork by HAIR POLICE’s ROBERT BEATTY. Edition of 435.