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Further Conclusions Against An Italian Version (bat)

Socrates That Practices Music

Further Conclusions Against An Italian Version (bat)

Junior Aspirin
LP $15.50


ASP 021 

***Further Conclusions Against an Italian Version (BAT) is the debut album from SOCRATES THAT PRACTICES MUSIC. The London-based group have been compared to Bauhaus and A Certain Ratio, but more recently Socrates would be better described as a two-man metagoth outfit who use samplers, synths, guitars and drums to explore the occult, shire horses, legal wrangles and less-than-confident gardeners. According to Everett True, they “gabble and scratch, [and] hibernate in bearded acclaim.” Or as Doug Mosurock puts it, " and neo-folk with an eccentric counterpoint to place themselves beyond the reach of all. Stabs at profundity that reach beyond the cabaret or the intentionally weird and find themselves in the orbit of the Jefferies brothers at a better time for us all." UK import.

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