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Cold World Melts

***Here's the debut vinyl from the Portland duo SOFT METALS. Formed in 2009, the band have been playing a ton of shows on the West Coast and garnering new fans with every stop. Their music is tight, romantic, electronic pop with influences from a variety of dance and post-punk sub-genres. "If you’re a fan of Glass Candy or The Chromatics, or just anything Johnny Jewel or Italians Do It Better produce/release, then step right up… Soft Metals come heavy with the Italo rhythms and sultry vocals, but aren’t content to just keep things pulsating and dreamy. There’s a heavy Industrial and Darkwave influence that gives each song a film of grime and debauchery. If you’re into anything remotely dark, synthy and romantic, every single Soft Metals track thus far has been like aural cat nip. "—Mishka NYC. First 500 on White Wax.