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Spock Fingers

***Spray painted lines on a piece of cardboard is as simple as “art” can get. But you get to looking at it and you see contrasts, textures, spacing, and other things enhanced by a simple direct approach, things that get lost in a mess of images and muscular “creativity.” This is the rule of less is more. Apply it to rock & roll and it is a rule that Austin’s SPRAY PAINT lives by. Following in the grand tradition of Wire, the Urinals, and the Icky Boyfriends, Spray Paint takes rock & roll and minimizes it to a few ungrandiose riff perfectly placed, catchy and energetic. Spray Paint puts all what is needed into a song and nothing more. It is an approach which made for a great debut single (on S.S. and sold out quickly) and an even better follow up. Spray Paint’s “Spock Fingers” b/w “Pink Pus” 7” is their second record and is even better than the first. “Spock Fingers” is riled up, punk energy in a wire-frame, wearing a spikey hat. “Pink Pus” is a mid tempo grumbling tumbler. Both songs are excellent and housed in a spray painted and stamped sleeve, in a limited run of 300 and on S.S. Records.

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