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AUTOMELODI, lead by vocalist and songwriter XAVIER PARADIS, who has long garnered a cult underground following with his solo minimal synth project ARNAUD LAZLAUD active in Canada since the late ‘90s, the band was formed in 2006 and is a welcome new addition to the international wing of the Wierd Records community in Brooklyn. Like labelmates Led Er Est and Frank (Just Frank) Automelodi combines guitars with synthesizers and drum machines, drawing from a mixed pallette of minimal electronic sounds. Highly unique to a North American band in 2010, the songs proudly embrace the infinitely rich ground of French pop musical history to create an undeniably idiosyncratic, and cerebrally sophisticated truly 'complete album' of feverishly-pleasure-seeking, yet elegant and cooly restrained music that will be a refreshingly welcome shot of cold wave energy into the ears of both contemporary rock and electronic music fans worldwide! Following the band's self-released debut EP Fait Ses Courses last year, Automelodi carefully weaves together a series of hook-laden uptempo 'pop' trax with a set of stylishly confident, yet vulnerably complex melancholic mid and downtempo songs that allow the listener to catch his misty breath in the mix, with nearly all vocals smoothly delivered in French.

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