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LP $17.25


COCH 036 

JUDY EXPERIENCE like desert breeze through long hair. New full length LP out now of Cochon Records. Californian musician and producer JAMES CAPERTON explores spaceways and freeways in sensory sountrack sounds, epic rock and jazz inspiration. Bitches Brew with a vibey, Pantera groove; new directions in fusion music. Caperton was a songwriter, guitarist and sax player for SFs notorious sleaze rock band VERONICA LIPGLOSS AND THE EVIL EYES, and has been recording as Judy Experience since 2002. Judy Experience's first EP, Judy Is Rising," a dark and dreamy, home recorded collection of songs came out in 2007. "His first Judy Experience record, which is out on Cochon, is one of my favorite things in the world. Everybody who I play it for falls in love with it, and James, immediately. It's the ultimate fuck music, cook music, think music. I don't know. It's dark and dreamy....the new Judy Experience music! From the movie! It's totally my new favorite record, and I don't know any of the songs' names. It's a lot more guitar-driven than the last record. Sort of, I think I would use the word ‘metal’. But there're also, towards the end of album, some particularly delicious saxophone screech psycho runaway train rendezvous as well. He's such a perfectionist. He's got his sound together. It's really inspiring."

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