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All This Time
LP $16.50

06/18/2013 5060174955600 

LSSN 016 

CD $13.00

06/18/2013 5060174955938 

LSSN 016 CD 

MP3 $9.90

05/27/2013 5060174955938 


***TERROR BIRD is the songs of Vancouver artist NIKKI NEVER. Beginning with naive but affecting songs hammered into primitive recording apparatus and released on handdubbed cassette releases, Terror Bird soon attracted the attention of intrepid independent labels such as Night People, La Station Radar and Adagio830. Each release has documented a growing maturity in songwriting and emotional scope. All This Time is Terror Bird’s third full length and is by far the most personal, emotionally affecting and musically developed. Recorded at home over a period of 3 months, the 10 songs on All This Time document a period of intense emotional upheaval, a period wherein Never underwent major shifts in her personal life, rediscovered the solo recording process (previous albums having used live drumming and studio production) and married a raw, personal music with a straighttotape aesthetic most intone with her early recording experiences. The difference this time is that Never’s unique voice at turns operatic and fragile, untutored and wearing its heart on its sleeve serves as the perfect conduit for the emotional turmoil in the songs. Never’s voice has grown into a formidable instrument, a towering, unabashed vocal whose resonance curls around the synth and drum machine production, at times duetting with itself, at times scaling the vocal register to reach new dramatic heights. Brought up on the music of the ‘80s “studio” The Smiths, Siousxie, The Cure Never’s music exists beyond modern zeitgeists or considerations, subverting “big production” music into a personal DIY aesthetic. It’s a pure songwriting that outgrows genre and thrives purely on the merits of direct communication between songwriter and listener. Each song on All This Time serves as a chapter in a narrative that is universal.


  1. #1 The Wrong Way


  2. #2 Costume


  3. #3 Try To Break Me


  4. #4 On Your Vacation


  5. #5 All This Time


  6. #6 Elliot


  7. #7 Do You Remember?


  8. #8 Locket


  9. #9 Lust & Violence


  10. #10 Don't Believe You


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