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Paul Newman

This Is How It Is Lost

Emperor Jones
CD $12.00

04/25/2005 697410277025 

EJ 70 CD 

After a long wait, the fourth and finest album from Paul Newman (as in, yes, that Paul Newman, the rock band, who are in no way an “emo” band) is good enough to make you cry. Tastefully placed parts swirl in and out of the speaker cones, weaving a nourishing basket of goodies. Though they began in 1996 as primarily an instrumental rock band, each of the seven masterful tracks on THIS is how it is LOST features vocals, adding a new dimension for those familiar with their sound. Six of the seven songs feature vocals from Eddie Robert, who also plays with I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, while the seventh track features Craig McCaffrey, lately also of The American Analog Set. So, changes in sound and time of absence aside, everything that made Paul Newman revered by many music lovers remains intact. Recorded with longtime engineering partner Jason Ward, TihiiL promises to delight with its meticulous, rich pulse.  • PR campaign to all press and college radio outlets that matter • Lushly designed full color multi-panel CD booklet with matte finish • Very strong album sales on Trance Syndicate for their first 2 LPs • After a brutal winter, warm up in April with the hearty sounds of Paul Newman — now, tomorrow, and forever!

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