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LP $15.00

06/10/2014 751097091012 

FAT 910 

CD $9.25

06/10/2014 751097091029 

FAT 910 CD 

***UKE-HUNT is ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES vocalist SPIKE SLAWSON’slatest cover band extravaganza. What started as Spike simply learning and arranging some of his favorite classic songs for the ukulele on his own, eventually evolved into added musicians and a layered patchwork of ukulele, saxophone, glockenspiel, stylophone, organ, standup bass, and all manner of percussive elements. Obviously, due in no small part to the instrumentation, this most recent foray into the world of breathing new life into shopworn classics displays a decidedly different slant than the breakneck tempo of the Gimmes. Uke-Hunt slips into something a little more comfortable with a lounge/soul vibe that’d be at home in a tiki bar, Elks lodge, rock club, or on a sunny patio. Spike uses Uke-Hunt as a vehicle to explore a diverse selection of songs and while some tracks seem to be made for UKE-HUNT, others undergo some astonishing genre-bending to arrive in perfect harmony with the rest of the album. Of course, the centerpiece of the entire Uke-Hunt experience is Spike’s enchanting vocal ability, which is on full display in all of its silky splendor from start to finish. So pour yourself a cocktail and set course for the captivating sounds of Uke-Hunt. (STREET DATE - 6/10/2014)

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