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Found Love In A Graveyard

Veronica Falls

Found Love In A Graveyard

Captured Tracks

***"So this is what the afterlife looks like for the teenage bedroom-buried, cassette-tape entombed legacy of C86, now possessing a new generation of beautiful bookworms after its initial believers let slip their hopeful dreams of forever—a little more world-worn and ghostly palloured than its precursor but clutching the same cosy, Sunday morning pop sensibility to its chest all the same. ‘Found Love In A Graveyard’ by London’s sore-hearted collectors of all things group harmonised and unrequitedly in love VERONICA FALLS sees the rosy-cheeked, cardigan chaste pinup of countless 7-inch single sleeves ago revisited twenty years on and we find her in a strange state—powerlessly possessed in a torn wedding dress, tearing flowers to pieces by the grave of some morbidly handsome beau who jilted her for another world altogether. You get the feeling she’ll pull through though, and by the time the chorus (a real, dead-raising miracle of a chorus no less) drops, the declaration of ‘I’m Broken Hearted’ sounds less the weepy drivel of a person driven to distraction and more a declaration of empowerment and pride. You’ve got to suffer to sing the blues, or something like that."—Transparent. Includes a B-Side cover of Roky Erickson's "Starry Eyes."