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4 Track Ep
7" $9.25

06/22/2010 4024572446543 


***Black Gladiator’s second release is the debut from Chino, California’s VEX RUFFIN AND THE LO-FI JERKHEADS. This four-track 7-inch EP is going to be the most talked about 45 in every scene around the world focused on crazed music, from underground hip-hop circles (Vex is also recording an album to be released on STONES THROW this year) to the jaded know-it-alls at the garage/weird-punk message boards. Vex Ruffin and the lo-fi Jerkheads is a one man unit armed only with a basic sampler, a smokin’ stack o’ wax ranging from early rhythm & blues to the crème de la crème of punk killers, an electric guitar and a mic. Imagine if Tipsy met The Spits and was severely underproduced, and what you get is a primo batch of lysergic slop ripe to be freaked at any good party.