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Void Vision / Vice Device
CD $7.75


AP 028 CD 

LP+CD $14.75


AP 028 

VICE DEVICE (VDV) is the distillation of a musical collaboration between Portland, Oregon’s ANDREA K and BOBBY KALIBER. Frequently performing multiple instruments in tandem, Andrea and Bobby layer pulsating synth melodies with charged vocals, and split the responsibilities of drumming by each performing percussion with one hand. Lurching bass lines are intertwined by DEVIN WELCH to complete the band’s distinctive sound. Through reductive experimentation with analog synthesizers and live electronics, Vice Device create a raw and dynamic soundscape without the use of sequencers or backing tracks. One of the few, if not only, solo female minimal synth artists around today, Philadelphia's VOID VISION (VV), helmed by SHARI VARI, creates elegant, dystopian tracks. Her sound can be described as melancholy, yet danceable, with charging bass and drums, dizzying, lush melodies, and masterful programming that is almost baroque in nature. She is a child of the Wierd world, who draws listeners in with a powerful, haunting voice that masks a sharp sardonic wit. Vari is joined by violinist ALISON MINNICK for live performances.

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