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Mclemore, John B. - Tor Lundvall Presents

Witness Marks - The Works Of John B. Mclemore


Dais Records and TOR LUNDVALL are proud to announce the field recordings and ambient works of JOHN B. MCLEMORE star of the 2017 breakout podcast S-Town. We were fascinated to learn that John had a musical correspondence with Dais artist Tor Lundvall, and we are excited to share some of his beautiful work with the world.   “In September 2012, I received an e-mail from someone named John B. who said he had assembled a lengthy remix of my music, which also incorporated some of his own material. John asked if I'd mind if he posted this recording on YouTube, to which I agreed. He also mentioned that there was a second part to his mix that was "roughed out", but never completed. I was curious to hear both parts, so shortly afterwards, John mailed me two CDrs which I enjoyed very much. The recordings were hypnotic and haunting, evoking images of vast fields at twilight. I was especially fond of the second disc which had a darker atmosphere and featured more of John's original material, beginning with ghostly clock chimes and ending with a mysterious piece using dried seed pods and other cryptic sounds that slowly built-up into an intense, almost claustrophobic environment.”—Tor Lundvall

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