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Complete Solid Gold Hits

Wonder Bread

Complete Solid Gold Hits

Digital Regress
7" $7.00


DR 20 

***Akin to Andy Kaufman's character Tony Clifton who aimed to antagonize and scorn crowds, WONDER BREAD is MATT FERRERA's vessel for spewing vitriol at the punk posturers around him. Sonically similar to Tuxedomoon, With pulsing synths/ guitar interplay layered over drum machines, Wonder Bread aims to clear the room with lyrics like "I love progressive rock, if you don't like Steely Dan, you can fuck off”, and “Your parents were probably listening to Styx, your parents were probably listening to Journey, that explains why your not cool”. Having released 7(!) tapes last year on Bay Area label Discontinuous Innovation Inc., this 7" highlights the best of this output along with the unreleased track "My Dad Was In A Hardcore Band." Pressing of 500 copies.