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***Slowly the great ashen dynamo surges, spilling molten droplets of plasma and cosmic waste, each taking shape, coalescing into stars, planets, entire galaxies, drifting ever further away from the throbbing energy and boiling gasses that lie at the crux of all creation. A massive, disembodied heart that beats out a rhythm so impossibly slow - each pulse separated by an epoch, each quaver a thousand thousand lifetimes, burning and fuming with dark energies. This is power on an unimaginable scale, machinery vast and magnificent, spinning entire realities into existence. This is Kosmodynamos. CD edition of 250 copies. LP edition of 150 copies.

LP $31.25

07/31/2015 753907162615 

MT 171 LP 

CD $15.00

07/31/2015 753907162622 

MT 171 CD 

Somewhere There by Arc


Somewhere There
Beta-lactam Ring

***There is a tribal element to ARC’s two long suites that feel somewhat like being stoned in Cologne in 1971. The trio of AIDAN BAKER (NADJA), CHRISTOPHER KUKIEL, and RICHARD BAKER return to the quiet with hushed tribal timbres, however, these ambiences are riveting in a way that that other ambiences are not, probably because the group does not think with an ambient attitude. This is the sound of mining midnight. In a universe where experimentalism is often just a nice way of saying "boring," hearing seasoned musicians actually craft something interesting sans computers is like having an orgasm. There really is no compare, except for maybe sneezing, which is Merzbow's department. One time vinyl edition of 400 copies packaged in custom made book bound sleeves and 180-gram vinyl.

LP $20.65

06/26/2012 753907161311 

MT 250 

***The album title certainly does not deceive. But there is something absolutely worthy about AIDAN BAKER’s (NADJA) approach to drone composition. He employs a subtle, patient counterpoint that offers an appealing spaciousness when played loud. The music is utterly enveloping, seemingly forcing the listener into a meditative state (Do not operate heavy equipment while listening, unless that heavy equipment is speakers or a spaceship). The compelling organic majesty of these 2 long tracks wafts deep oceanic. Pure drown. One time vinyl edition of 400 copies packaged in custom made book bound sleeves and 180 gram vinyl.

LP $18.95

08/09/2011 753907160413 

MT 249 

***New planetary compositions by the always genre defying cosmic collective that is VOLCANO THE BEAR. For this journey, The Bear present reworkings / collages of material originally recorded in 1995/1996 performed by NICK MOTT, AARON MOORE and CLARENCE MANUELO. Electro-acoustique doom? One-time pressing of 300 copies on 220-gram vinyl. Packaged in custom book bound sleeves.

LP $23.95

02/01/2011 753907160116 

MT 204 

***Special limited vinyl release celebrating 30 years of life in THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS together for EDWARD and PHIL to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the LPD. Two side-long tracks with Side A featuring a live performance of "Katrina"—a story set around improvised electronics and collages with Side B a krautrock insipired electronic collage. Issued as an edition of 350 copies on 180-gram vinyl and a custom made book bound sleeve. (STREET DATE - 11/09/2010)

LP $22.95

11/09/2010 753907159516 

MT 231 

White Nights / Drone Fields - Regular Edition by Nadja / Aidan Baker

Nadja / Aidan Baker

White Nights / Drone Fields - Regular Edition
Beta-lactam Ring

***AIDAN BAKER’s anodyne ambiences almost act as aural dream machines on their own. But now Baker has collaborated with actual film makers for his Opus Dei, embodied in this double DVD set (one credited as Aidan Baker and the other to NADJA). Clocking in at nearly 6 hours, this in-home installation is the ultimate video aquarium for the acid-minded. Baker's thrum-scapes lay back and patiently coo mantras something akin to mid-period Nocturnal Emissions or Vidna Obmana, while spectacular visions wend and squirm from the absolutely abstract to hi-def nature photography, all to blissful affect. Some footage oozes out and away, like Cocteau Twins albums come to life, while other footage juxtaposes layers of treated imagery ala Derek Jarman experimental films, or early Cabaret Voltaire Doublevision videos.

2XDVD $20.50

11/02/2010 753907158694 

BLR 223 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! STEVEN STAPLETON painted 100 individually hand painted discs to celebrate the release of the three album set Angry Eelectric Finger. The paint and vinyl was salvaged from the local landfill site at Inagh, County Clare, Ireland and recycled here in Cooloorta during September and November 2004. The paintings were displayed in Galway, Ireland and Portland, Oregon before being offered for sale. All the paintings are now presented here in a deluxe hard bound book with full color images and a spot gloss coating. Released in an edition of 1,500 copies with the album Zero Mix.

BK W/CD $33.95

05/13/2008 753907153026 

MT 103 CD 

Beekeeper’s Dream by Brunnen


Beekeeper’s Dream
Beta-lactam Ring

***BRUNNEN reveals that part of BEEQUEEN’s FREEK KINKELAAR F which is the strange wandering minstrel/alchemist (half-orc cleric with a +2 mace). If only more records were so cogently perplexing. A slightly cinematically arranged, quasi-psychedelic little dear of a hushed pop song opens the album. Freek's vocals sublimate in a pleasant whisper, not unlike (ahem) a quieter Yo La Tengo song. Freek, perhaps true to his name, does not hesitate to then very, very slowly weave together a spacious tone poem whose initial notes live counties apart, concocting an outré sort of high lonesome that might sonically drift across the same sort of plain as Wenders' Paris, Texas does visually. Kinkelaar's vocal delivery tugs at shirt tails ala Just Drifting-era Psychic TV balladry or introspective LPD. Subtly amplified guitars chime quietly against slo-mo keyboards, occasional samples, tablas and air. An understated rave-up of “Trust In Me” from The Jungle Book is a nice exclamation point. A musical sandwich, really, with the outer psychedelic pop buns keeping the avant-garde middle meat warm.

LP $22.25

05/15/2006 753907141917 

MT 076 

CD $13.75

05/15/2006 753907142228 

MT 076 CD 

Slices Of Thrown Time by La Stpo

La Stpo

Slices Of Thrown Time
Beta-lactam Ring

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! “LA STPO’s Slices Of Thrown Time is like a Van Der Graaf arc between the bombast of Blurt /Ex / Dog Faced Hermans/Contortions/Birthday Party and the subtle, avant-composerly moments of Henry Cow/This Heat/Univers Zero/Faust. The punchy rhythm section, abetted by the squawky horns, makes for a music to which one can truly contort. The band’s musical muscle, however, is always backed up by solid jazz/classical informed chops that can and will chop any lesser outfit into nothing more than a pile of over-loud rock and roll dust. La STPO infuses their punk with dynamics of both volume and texture, producing a slightly zeuhl flavored post rock, which should, by all rights, land Slices Of Thrown Time on many a critic's year-end top 10 list, or even better, yours.”

LP $20.50

05/15/2006 753907140712 

MT 074 

CD $14.00

05/15/2006 753907140729 

MT 074 CD 

A Dream Is A Dream Is A Dream by Legendary Pink Dots

Legendary Pink Dots

A Dream Is A Dream Is A Dream
Beta-lactam Ring

***THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS recorded live at De Vrije Vloer in Utrecht, Holland, January 21, 1987 featuring the original six-piece line up—EDWARD KA-SPEL, STRET MAJEST, JASON SALMON, SILVERMAN, GRAHAM WHITEHEAD, and PATRICK Q. WRIGHT. First 1000 DVD's are packaged in six-panel gatefold wallets.

DVD $15.50

10/24/2005 753907140293 

MT 101 

Nature Of Illusion by Silverman


Nature Of Illusion
Beta-lactam Ring

***One of the truest indications of a good record is when it sounds like something is starting to go wrong with the car while listening to it. The latest SILVERMAN sounds at turns like the brakes are going, the belts are slipping, the timing needs adjusting, the drive shaft has a shot bearing and the clutch is failing. Nature Is Illusion is a much more amorphous excursion than some of Silverman's previous slow trance explorations, though it does display his trademark fondness for going to very quiet places. Through a polar silence comes a ringing metallic sound that fades off into contrapuntal, subsonic drones. A brief essay of percussives trails back into the liquid void. Features a unique vocal performance by EDWARD KA-SPEL.

CD $13.75

10/24/2005 753907140927 

MT 096 CD 

LP+CD $20.65


MT 096