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***Thomas Dollbaum is writing from a land without a past. “Florida is cookie-cutter,” he says. “Everything's new. Nothing's got any history to it. People from all over move down there to start again. Everyone I knew as a kid was from somewhere else.” The album was recorded over many sessions during the pandemic in New Orleans in an old hotel suite turned recording studio by friend and fellow musician Matthew Seferian—later honed in and mixed by renown engineer, producer Matt Ross-Spang (John Prine, Jason Isbell, Margo Price) and Clay Jones (Modest Mouse) in Memphis, TN. It was then that the project found its way to record impresario Bruce Watson (Fat Possum / Big Legal Mess / Bible & Tire) who felt Dollbaum’s delivery fit perfectly with his own professional ethos and catalog (Junior Kimbrough, Water Liars, Jimbo Mathus, Alexa Rose).  Listening to Wellswood feels like you're listening to a series of southern gothic short stories. As Dollbaum stresses, these songs are more than mere diary entries. “Even in poetry, everything's moving more to confessional stuff. I just don't have much interest in that”. Wellswood is more like today's America: a broken land where wanderers still flock in search of whatever they can't find at home. Growing up there gives you a sixth sense for the uprooted souls and the desperate dreams that drive them. They've burned themselves into Thomas Dollbaum's mind in ways he may never shake. Instead, he builds worlds for them and invites us in.

LP $21.95

06/10/2022 854255005880 

BLM 0588 

***"During the first few months of the pandemic, I was consistently having a hard time falling asleep. Instead of getting sucked into Netflix or just staring at the ceiling, I begrudgingly forced myself to go sit on my front porch and look at the stars in an attempt to, you know, feel alive or something. It brought back this memory of the dead end road I grew up on, where at night it felt consumingly dark except for a lone street light positioned just in front of our house. I would sit underneath that street light with a friend on summer weekends and we’d eat bowls of sugary cereal, just talking and forgetting about time. At this point in my life, I’m getting to know the way a decade feels in a conversation. I realized I hadn’t called this friend of mine in a long time, and I was asking myself why. Maybe sometimes we just want to hold on to the golden memory we have of a person—so much that we are afraid to interrupt it with the present. Or maybe we just get busy. But no matter how much time passes, I still have moments when I feel like that kid sitting in the road. And it’s so precious to me that before you ever learn how to drive or understand navigating the world in a concrete sense - you know how to get to your best friend’s house by heart. And you’ll never forget."—Alexa Rose

LP $23.75



***A collection of field recordings originally recorded on New Years Eve 1989 by KO DE KORTE and TOM HAARSAMA. Additional overdubs produced by BRUCE WATSON at Delta Sonic Sound, Memphis, TN 2018. Real and raw from one of North Mississippi Hill Country Blues' best. Ten tracks in all.

LP $19.95

11/15/2019 854255005705 


***The newest album from the leader of THE LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS, featuring members of SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS and DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS. From the old time music of Appalachia to the Cajun, jazz and island music of the Creole nether glades, Fire Dream charters the listener on a journey... a journey, as it turns out, that has led only deeper into J.D.'s storied psyche. For fans of: Tom Waits, The Legendary Shackshakers, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Reverend Horton Heat.

LP $19.95

02/16/2018 854255005460 


***Originally included in the George Mitchell Collection (vol. 25), a much lauded series centered around George Mitchell's travels around the South, recording some of the best known and unknown bluesmen alive at the time. Released now as part of Fat Possum's 25th Anniversary blues series where Big Legal Mess and Fat Possum hand pick some of the most deserving of the George Mitchell collection to re-release on vinyl. Extremely limited.

LP $19.95

11/11/2016 854255005316 


Good Morning Judge by Lewis, Furry

Lewis, Furry

Good Morning Judge
Big Legal Mess

***An American country blues guitarist and songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. FURRY LEWIS was one of the first of the old-time blues musicians of the 1920s to be brought out of retirement, and given a new lease of recording life, by the folk blues revival of the 1960s. Lewis opened twice for The Rolling Stones, played on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, had a part in a Burt Reynolds movie, W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings (1975), and had a profile in Playboy magazine. Limited edition vinyl, part of the Fat Possum 25th Anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.

LP $19.95

03/11/2016 045778037414 


Gospel According To Sam by Langhorn, Sam

Langhorn, Sam

Gospel According To Sam
Big Legal Mess

***SAM LANGHORN (1933-2007) was known among locals as the best blues guitarist to come out of Oxford, Mississippi, but he somehow eluded the blues mafia who scoured the state looking for talent. The recordings here are the first ever issued by Langhorn, who demonstrates his skills performing traditional gospel in a style remarkably similar to Mississippi John Hurt. Langhorn learned guitar from his mother Camilla, who played at sanctified church services, but he eventually chose the blues lifestyle. The recordings here were made around 1963 by two former Ole Miss football stars who befriended Langhorn and cut a session with him only to put aside the tapes for half a century. JIMMY HALL went on to pursue a career of acting in New York City and L.A., while ROBERT KHAYAT had a Pro Bowl career with the Washington Redskins before returning to the University of Mississippi, where he became a celebrated Chancellor.

10" $14.25

11/26/2013 895102002836 


***JOHN PAUL KEITH, the brilliant singer-songwriter and blistering guitarist who exploded out of a self-imposed musical exile in Memphis with 2009's critically acclaimed Spills and Thrills and 2011's The Man That Time Forgot, returns with Memphis Circa 3AM—his most accomplished and moving collection of songs yet. Less a tribute to the spirit, soul and sound of the city than the living, crackling embodiment of it, Memphis Circa 3AM finds Keith reaching the songwriting depths and musical heights that his previous two releases foreshadowed. Produced by the truly legendary ROLAND JANES—house guitarist for Sun Records in the ‘50s and longtime engineer and producer at Sam Phillips Recording Services—the album is a time-stopping 12-song duet between two deeply kindred artists, as Keith's songs and Janes' direction achieve a sonic balance that is both familiar and original. Cut live to two-inch tape—with Janes providing direction from the booth and not a computer in sight—the album sounds deeply rooted and incredibly fresh at the same time. On each song Keith is backed with a new power and delicacy by the ONE FOUR FIVES. And as his band musically ups the ante, Keith meets it with his fi nest songs to date. There are few songwriters today that can match his ability to invest a simple turn of phrase with so many layers of meaning.

LP $19.95

09/24/2013 895102002829 


CD $14.25

09/24/2013 895102002812 


***BACK IN STOCK!!! Received a 7.5 rating from Pitchfork. Memphis based JACK OBLIVIAN (aka JACK YARBER) was a founding member of the garage-bands THE COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS and THE OBLIVIANS, but he has contributed to a dizzying array of projects over the years, including ANDRE WILLIAMS, JACK OBLIVIAN & THE TENNESSEE TEARJERKERS, COOL JERKS, ‘68 COMEBSCK, KING LOUIE & HIS LOOSE DIAMONDS, TIP TOPS, and more. His collaborations with the cream of the Memphis music crop guarantee that the players on Rat City fit the bill like the proverbial glove. Jack Oblivion channels the spirit of proto punk as well as blues, country and junkyard rock; his songs evoke haunting, echo-y swamp boogie that will walk you down that dark alley without fear.

LP $18.50

09/13/2011 895102002669 


CD $14.25

09/13/2011 895102002652