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Encore! 1983-1987 by Les Calamites

Les Calamites

Encore! 1983-1987
Born Bad

***"Wouldn’t it do them justice to rid LES CALAMITÉS (literally “the calamities”) of the embarrassing phrase 'girl band', durably stuck to their skins and plaited skirts? It’s nothing but a pink puffy cloud obscuring their true importance as a 'band' full stop, as well as their fleeting though mind-bending trajectory. In just a few months going on stage with a handful of original songs recorded here and there, they became, from Dijon to Rouen, Paris to Toulouse, Bordeaux to Strasbourg, the darlings of an uncompromising rockers’ demanding scene. Tolerated by some, maybe, they were also consecrated, certainly (should they have needed the accolade). The trade-off was a succession of quick and distinctive verse-choruses for which the adjectives 'fresh' and 'light' seemed to have been invented again. They delivered just as many covers, which gave an idea of the origins of their songwriting: one foot in the fifties (on the dancefloor), the other in the sixties (in the garage). All of this leading to their final hit, a successful incursion in the top sales with a popular song for everyone to hum at ease, from seaside campsites to the cool kids of the capital. Everything the Calamités touched, with their classy, rigorous, casual ways—plus just enough amused detachment—turned into gold. No mysteries, so little drama… and just like that the meteor flew by, giving its public little time to realise the full importance of these small-scale, three-voice anthems sung with a style given both by arrogant innocence and cheeky ease. Without...

LP $24.25

07/15/2022 3521381568806 


Born Bad Vol. 1 by V/a


Born Bad Vol. 1
Born Bad

***REISSUED!!! Originally released in 1986. Gatefold sleeve. Features The Bostweeds, Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads, Link Wray And His Ray Men, Dwight Pullen, Glen Glenn, Roy Orbison, The Sonics, The Groupies, Ronnie Dawson, The Third Bardo, Warren Smith, Mel Robbins, The Novas, and Wanda Jackson.

LP $28.25


BB 001 LP 

Mobilisation Generale: Protest And Spirit Jazz From France 1970-1976 by V/a


Mobilisation Generale: Protest And Spirit Jazz From France 1970-1976
Born Bad

***1968. France, Incorporated. The entire building was being consumed by flames and was slowly collapsing. Nothing would survive. Out of the rubble of the old world jumped the children of Marx and Coca-Cola, ripping the white and blue stripes off the French flag. Yet, the socialist revolution was more mythic than real and music did nothing to mitigate people's behavior. It was time for innovation. While singles from The Stones, The Who, The Kinks and MC5 provided an incendiary soundtrack for the revolution, it was Black Americans who truly blew the world from its foundations in the '60s. Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor, Eric Dolphy, Albert Ayler, and Archie Shepp left behind the jazz of their fathers' generation, liberating the notes, trashing the structures, diving headfirst into furious improvisations, inventing a new land without boundaries—neither spiritual nor political. Free jazz endowed the saxophone with the power to destroy the established order. In 1969, the Art Ensemble Of Chicago arrived at the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier in Paris and a new fuse was lit... Features tracks from Alfred Panou & Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem, Atarpop 73 & Le Collectif Le Temps Des Cerises, RK Nagati, Frédéric Rufin & Raphaël Lecomte, François Tusques, Mahjun (Mouvement Anarcho Héroïque des Joyeux Utopistes Nébuleux), Full Moon Ensemble, Baroque Jazz Trio, Michel Roques, Chêne Noir, and Beatrice Arnac.

CD $17.25

12/03/2013 3521383427507 


2XLP $29.25

12/03/2013 3521381527513 


Wizzz! Vol. 2 French Psychedelic 1966-1970 by V/a


Wizzz! Vol. 2 French Psychedelic 1966-1970
Born Bad

***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! Finally, the long awaited continuation of the first Whizzz! compilation released a decade ago. Features only rare and unissued tracks from the 1960s French garage/weirdos/beat vaults. This new volume will blow your mind like the first one and includes a 38-page booklet with biography of each artist along with cool and unpublished photos. Mastered from the original master when they were no lost or damaged. Artists include SAN ANTONIO, JEAN ET JANET, BRUNO LEYS MAINTENANT, GUY SKORNIK, BRIGITTE FONTAINE, PHILIPPE NICAUD, ZORGONES, SERGE FRANKLIN, NELLY PERRIER, JESUS, ALAIN BOISSANGER, and others. Imported from Born Bad, Paris, France.

LP $21.35

10/08/2013 3521381527285 


CD $20.95

09/15/2008 5413356368222