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***AIDAN GIRT (GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR, EXHAUST) returns with a remastered reissue of his dubby 7-inch from 2002, along with two of his new tracks from his Someone Told Me Life Gets Easier in Your 50's LP. Organic dub drumming gets a looped electro treatment with additional dub layers.

12" $7.25


BB 26 

Technical Remote Viewer by Geary, Troy

Geary, Troy

Technical Remote Viewer
Broklyn Beats

***A solid slab of experimental techno blur from genre-blending producer and Creation Rebel and Stoner Shit labels chief TROY GEARY (aka DJ SLIP). Side A features Geary working in a more experimental style of dance music, incorporating organic elements with abstract drum programming. Side B features a premium dancefloor track—raw techno with a pinch of hip hop bounce. Four tracks.

12" $6.30


BB 15 

Mattress Of The Universe by Doily


Mattress Of The Universe
Broklyn Beats

***BACK IN STOCK!!! HEATHER "DOILY" LEITNER's warped view of the world is playfully realized on this electronic giggler. Utilizing a blend of vintage vinyl samples and soft beats the record's syncopated rhythms are sent tripping over each other and eventually evolve into one solid, hypnotic mass. Pass the joint.

12" $6.30


BB 10