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Nature Strip (green Grass Edition) by Traffik Island

Traffik Island

Nature Strip (green Grass Edition)
Flightless / ATO Records

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  “One of the standout tracks on the Anti-Fade compilation, New Center of the Universe Vol. 3, this year was a track from TRAFFIK ISLAND. The band is largely the solo output of ZAK OLSEN from ORB, THE FROWNING CLOUDS and HIEROPHANTS. While he’s had a handful of singles scattered over the last few years, news today comes of a debut album on Flightless. The pairing makes sense, given ORB’s standing at the label, and first track '17' is a delightfully sunny swath of psych-pop that’s a far cry from ORB’s windpipe crushers. Instead the track, like previous outings from Traffik Island, is a sparkling jangler full of bright harmonies that bring to mind The Free Design, Euphoria, Sapphire Thinkers, or any other manner of the bittersweet brand of sunshine psych. The LP, Nature Strip is out next year and this track gives it a glow of promise. Definitely excited for this.”—Raven Sings The Blues

LP $24.50

02/22/2019 9332727055027 

FLT 044 

***A new single in advance of a new full-length coming early 2019 from these Melbourne faves. Two tracks of punked-out, scuzzed-up, grimy pub rock action.

7" $8.50


FLT 043 

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  KG&TLW’s second EP, Willoughby’s Beach was self-released in 2011 and originally limited to 350 hand-numbered copies. Lo-fi garage rock.

LP $23.75

11/16/2018 880882339319 

FLT 040R 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The debut full length album by KG&TLW, originally released in 2012 and limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Psychedelic lo-fi garage rock.

LP $23.75

11/02/2018 880882339517 

FLT 001R 

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  The second full length album by KG&TLW, released in 2013 and originally limited to 500 copies. A cult western audio book, the album is narrated and tells a story of the American Frontier. Spaghetti western, garage rock.

LP $23.75

11/02/2018 880882339418 

FLT 005R 

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  The third full-length album by KG&TLW released in 2013 featuring the ‘Gizzhead National Anthem’ “Head/On-Pill.” Psychedelic garage rock.

LP $23.75

11/02/2018 880882339616 

FLT 006R 

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  The fourth studio album by KG&TLW released in 2014 featuring a collection of odd songs recorded between 2007-2014. Originally limited to 500 copies. Total pyschedelic rock/pop.

LP $23.75

11/02/2018 880882339715 

FLT 009R