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End Times Mixtape by Radwaste


End Times Mixtape
Happy Squid

***The 4-drummered RADWASTE presents its debut LP, recorded in 1988 but never before issued. It's a compelling document from the Los Angeles post-punk scene that delivered into the world Jane's Addiction, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Thelonious Monster. Formed from the ashes of URINALS / 100 FLOWERS and the Savage Republic spinoff 17 PYGMIES, Radwaste employs a "drum corps" (KEVIN BARRETT, JAY JACKSON, ROB MALONE, DEBBIE SPINELLI) inspired by the infectious beat and huge sound of the marching band phenomenon of South Los Angeles high schools. Interlocking drum patterns, along with the aggressive and direct songwriting of guitarist/vocalist MICHAEL KORY and bassist/vocalist JOHN TALLEY-JONES results in an appealing and unique mix of pop, punk, funk and soul. Produced by VITUS MATARE (Minutemen, Urinals, Slovenly, The Last, Trotsky's Icepick) with preproduction assistance from KEITH LEVINE (Public Image Ltd.). Packaged in gatefold jackets. Edition of 300 copies.

LP $19.95


HS 029 

Next Year At Marienbad by Urinals


Next Year At Marienbad
Happy Squid

***The legendary URINALS are back with their third long-player, Next Year at Marienbad. Sure to be another fan sing-along favorite, the record delivers thirteen high-energy tracks showing the Urinals haven’t taken their foot of the pedal. Formed in the first wave of Los Angeles punk in 1978, the Urinals forged a unique path by gigging with bands across the LA punk and post-punk spectrum, from hardcore (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Minutemen) to paisley underground (The Last, Rain Parade, Bang[les]) to everything in between (Go-Go’s, X, Savage Republic, Gun Club). They morphed into 100 FLOWERS in the early ‘80s and released a critically acclaimed LP (recently reissued on vinyl by Superior Viaduct) and are back now as the Urinals, playing songs from all phases of their 35 year career. The Urinals are KEVIN BARRETT (drums), ROB ROBERGE (guitar/vocals) and JOHN TALLEY-JONES (bass/vocals). In the past few years the Urinals have headlined festivals from Calgary to Louisville, from Belgium to Beijing. They continue to perform on a regular basis, giving their fans a taste from the past (”I’m A Bug,” “Black Hole,” “Ack Ack Ack Ack”) mixed with songs from their current lineup. They band will be touring the US and Europe to promote NYAM. (STREET DATE - 2/17/2015)

LP $15.50

02/17/2015 616892247746 

HSR 027 LP 

CD $13.25

02/17/2015 616892247845 

HSR 027 CD