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Lemon Session Singles Club # 4 by Butcher Cover

Butcher Cover

Lemon Session Singles Club # 4
Lemon Session

***Two of the angriest, craziest record nerds Oakland has ever seen got together with a 4-track, some cheap equipment and a ton of noisy pedals to make the best hardcore recordings of 2010. These four songs first appeared on a limited edition cassette but this is the only vinyl release they appear on.

7" $5.40


LEM 004 

Lemon Session Singles Club # 2 by Teenage Nightwar

Teenage Nightwar

Lemon Session Singles Club # 2
Lemon Session

***This Brooklyn band was not around long enough. Just as this record was making its way from the presses to Lemon Session Headquarters, guitarist and band mastermind KAREEM moved to Iraq for a year of learning abroad (anthropology major = nerd!). So, these two songs of pure frantic, Dog-Faced-Hermans-loving agit-punk have practically fallen into obscurity, despite the heaping pile of love for the single from the critics (MRR, YellowGreenRed, radio stations all over the nation.) If you love early Wire, the Fall, Gang of Four… do yourself a favor: buy this and fall in love with it like everyone else does.

7" $5.40


LEM 002