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Simple Distractions by Street Eaters

Street Eaters

Simple Distractions
Nervous Intent

***Simple Distractions is the new EP by Street Eaters, a Bay Area post-punk band formed by Megan March (Drums, Vocals) and John No (Bass, Vocals.) Building on influences ranging from the anti-authoritarian writing of sci-fi author Ursula K. Le Guin to the discography of DC punk band Autoclave, Street Eaters have become an underground institution through years of non-stop touring and releasing albums on their own Nervous Intent Records and several European labels. To say that the new direction works would be an understatement. On new songs “Simple Distractions,” “Sophia,” and “Loose Grip,” guest guitarist Stevo (also of Tony Molina Band) joins March and No for three of their most engaging songs yet. The EP ends with a live cover of Gang of Four’s “Love Like Anthrax” featuring Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Femailes) on guitar+vocals that eschews dub influences from the original in favor of art-damaged feedback freakout. Edition of 200 copies on picture disc vinyl.

PIC7" $13.75


NIR 011 

Rotate The Mirror by Silent Era

Silent Era

Rotate The Mirror
Nervous Intent

***One of the Oakland/San Francisco scene’s most beloved current bands, SILENT ERA plays a distinct, high energy take on moody, darkly melodic hardcore punk with a tasteful nod to the best of NWOBHM in the guitar work. Building strongly on their prior tape, EP and LP, this new release continues their tradition of ‘80s Norweigan hardcore-inspired stories and soulfully sung vocals. The band doesn’t fit neatly into the hashtag subgenres of the DIY punk scene, but their variety of classic hardcore and punk influences both fit in and stand out on any bill or playlist. Featuring former members of DESKONCIDOS, SACRED SHOCK, NEON PISS, and THE GRUMPIES. (STREET DATE - 9/18/2020)

LP $17.75


NIR 010 

***LEVITATIONS are a powerful, haunting three piece post punk / truewave band from Berlin, and this is the tape version of their debut album. The LP is available on Berlin-based label Adagio830, home to bands such as Diat and Hoax. Nine songs of blistering dark post punk, evocative of powerful/icy bands like DA!, Slant 6, Kleenix/Lilliput, Arctic Flowers, and the Subnormal Girls comp. Raw and catchy at the same time.  Berlin trio Levitations make an intense, feverish, raw-nerved form of post-punk, one that takes its cues from the genre’s ragged pioneers rather than the sleeker, more danceable acts that came later. The album’s title track is a burning headrush of a song, and you can check it out below.”—(Stereogum)

MC $7.50


NIR 004 

Frequency Of The Truewave Vol. 2 by V/a


Frequency Of The Truewave Vol. 2
Nervous Intent

***This is the newest edition of the well-received compilation tape series from Nervous Intent Records. The tracks chosen for the Frequency of the Truewave comps are curated carefully by the label, with a listening flow more akin to classic mixtapes than standard compilations made up of random oddities from the bands. All the bands operate on the punk/hardcore/post-punk spectrum, happen to be fronted by women, and are unified by a common raw, powerful, and distinct vision grounded in truewave/punk aesthetics and ethics. Features PRIESTS, SHOPPING, CROOKED BANGS, STREET EATERS, RAGANA, NO BABIES, MOZART, TROIKA, COMPOSITE, LIE, NAIVE, DAISY WORLD, STRANGE FACES, SPLIT FEET, STEEL CHAINS and VIOLENCE CREEPS.

MC $7.50


NIR 003