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(Colored Vinyl) Different Class by Pulp


(Colored Vinyl) Different Class
Plain Recordings

***NOW AVAILABLE ON LIMITED PEACH VINYL!!! Different Class was the fifth album by PULP and their commercial breakthrough. Different Class went to #1 in the UK album charts in 1995 at the height of Britpop with the classic track "Common People" reaching #2 on the UK singles chart. The album explores sex and class with JARVIS COCKER’s biting, witty lyrics taking a perfect snapshot of mid ‘90s English suburban and working class life. A stone cold Britpop classic.

LP $28.35

03/24/2017 6463150190215 


(colored Vinyl) Floating Into The Night by Cruise, Julee

Cruise, Julee

(colored Vinyl) Floating Into The Night
Plain Recordings

***NOW AVAILABLE ON LIMITED RED VINYL!!! Floating Into The Night is the 1989 debut album by vocalist JULEE CRUISE featuring songs written and produced by composer ANGELO BADALAMENTI and film director DAVID LYNCH (who wrote the lyrics). The songs "Falling" and "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart" were both featured in Lynch's cult television series, Twin Peaks. The instrumental version of “Falling” was the theme song for Twin Peaks while the album as a whole is almost an unofficial soundtrack to the series. The track “Mysteries Of Love” was prominently featured in Lynch’s classic film Blue Velvet. Cruise’s dreamy, light vocals match perfectly with the music and lyrics to make this album sound like it is unattached to any era or time. Pressed on red vinyl with a double-sided insert.

LP $24.95

03/18/2016 646315192117 


***BACK IN STOCK!!! Following the success and acclaim of his two releases on the Kill Rock Stars label, as well as an Oscar nomination for the use of his song "Miss Misery" in the film Good Will Hunting, the late ELLIOTT SMITH signed with Dreamworks for the 1998 release of XO. With a major label budget for this, his fourth full length album, Smith was able to craft a fully realized pop masterpiece, fulfilling the promise of previous releases. Though firmly in the McCartney / Lennon / Rundgren / Davies school of songwriting Smith was nothing if not an original. Possibly his best record.

LP $26.50

12/04/2012 646315512618 


V Is For Vendetta by David J

David J

V Is For Vendetta
Plain Recordings

***BAUHAUS’ DAVID J teamed with V For Vendetta creator and fellow Northampton, UK hipster ALAN MOORE in 1983 to write a "soundtrack" to Moore’s graphic novel. At turns dark and atmospheric, edgy and thrilling, twisted and sardonic, this 27-minute EP is the perfect sonic partner to Moore’s futuristic tale. Says David J: "In 1983 my friend Alan Moore approached me with the intriguing idea of composing some music to go with a set of his lyrics which would comprise the entire text to an episode of his serialized graphic novel, V For Vendetta—a transcription of the music to also appear under each panel of the strip. The story was an Orwellian vision of a dystopian near future set in a tyrannized England—the hero, ‘V’ being a mysterious vigilante with a certain vaudevillian bent." Two of these tracks were released (appropriately enough) in 1984 on a Glass Records 12-inch. The other five are released here for the first time.

CD $9.45

06/13/2006 646315512328