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***From Kyoto Japan comes one of the best and most powerful punk rock/power-pop bands going today. Featuring members from Japan’s now legendary and influential punk band FIRST ALERT, as well as Osaka’s LOUDER. Following a Japanese only album, this is their third 7” in 10 years and the first one ever to be released in the US. This is the band at the rawest and most punk, don’t miss this absolutely essential record. Limited to only 200 copies in the U.S., with the rest going overseas.

7" $6.75


SMR 022 

***On their third record, (and only the second that made it stateside) following their great LP available through Sorry State Records—Osaka, Japans' LOUDER kick out another great pair of catchy, punk rock tunes. Riff-heavy and loud, with catchy pop hooks that come fast and stay with you long after, Louder are clearly influenced by '70s punk and the wildness of the garage punk sound that came with the generation before them. These guys really have created a distinct sound for themselves at this point. "It sounds like Louder" should be a known descriptor at this point to those paying attention to the current Japanese underground. This is a must own for any fan of punk, rock n roll, or rock music in general. They've covered a lot of ground and have impressed in their short time together and show no signs of slowing down. It's about time to show them that we're paying attention over here.l Limited to 500 copies on mixed color vinyl, with handmade screen printed jackets.

7" $7.25


SMR 011 

***The latest from Secret Mission Records is a split release with the legendary Japanese label Mangrove. Continuing in the grand tradition of lo-fi garage punk from The Land of The Rising Sun is the brand new 7”, their second to date, from Mito, Japan’s DIALS. Even though the obvious and may be a bit lazy comparison to the great bands that came before them, such as the mighty Teengenerate and the fab Registrators is not out of place, it’s the tunes on this baby that make us flip with joy and make us look to the current and, perhaps, to the future!!! “Nervous” is a guitars-forward rocker, dressed in tight drumming and booming bass. And to assure that you won’t sit still they throw in hand claps a-plenty, which (in the perfect world) turns it in to something you can shake your money maker to.  Next up is “School Girl,” a great punk rock & roll number that’s a little faster and a little grimier. Super catchy! This record comes in a slick hand screened jacket with the download card included. Only 200 copies are available for the U.S.

7" $7.25


SMR 006 

***“Germany's THE KIDNAPPERS have long been one of the best and most underrated punk/powerpop outfits from Europe, created from the ashes of the HIGH SCHOOL ROCKERS they made a splash almost immediately with well-received LPs on Rip Off Records and Alien Snatch before going quiet for a couple of years. Now they’re back, with a trio of punked-up tunes ready for your listening pleasure. ‘Pills’ is a riff-smasher of not-so-nice punk-n-roll that will kick down any door you place in front of it. ‘East Berlin’ is a searing guitar attack with shades of both Teengenerate and Euro-classics like The Kids. They finish with the Dolls-y strut of ‘Diamonds,’ which this tune’s hook is surely one of. A trio of hits exclusive to this release, recorded with maximum volume that will roll over you hard and fast and leave you in their dust. 500 copies, full color pocket sleeves and download included.”—Rich K (Terminal Boredom)

7" $7.50


SMR 002 

No Expectation by Raydios


No Expectation
Secret Mission

***“Since their 2007 resurgence, THE RAYDIOS have proven themselves to be the band to carry Japanese garage-rock-n-roll on their backs, much like FINK’s previous outfits FIRESTARTER and TEENGENERATE did in the decade previous. Hot on the heels of their fifth single (released on Target Earth earlier this year), they turn to the new US label Secret Mission Records for their sixth EP, packed with three smash hits. All original tunes, all recorded for this release—these tunes are not outtakes or leftovers from other sessions. Finding the middle ground between his other bands, Fink packs these Raydios tunes with more power than pop, although the hooks will still snag your ears—you just might not realize it until after the guitars are done blowing your haircut off your head. ‘No Expectation’ is all action, the type of punk rock’n’roll The Kids originated and which Fink gives a harder Dictators-esque edge to here. ‘School Trash’ is a prime example of the riffy and angular pop-rock that Japanese bands have been working at perfecting since the Nineties—here Fink and the band might have finally achieved the perfection bands like Radio Shanghai and Registrators once sought out. ‘Faster’ closes in muscular fashion, with massive guitar crunch parting to reveal some streetwise Seventies-inspired glam-rock catchiness. A rare domestic release from one of Japan’s greatest imports, I’d suggest investing in multiple copies. 500 copies, with color pocket sleeves and download cards.”—Chuck Barrels/Terminal Boredom

7" $7.25


SMR 001