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***QUITS, hailing from Denver, CO, whose members have done time in countless highly regarded underground acts over the past few decades, offer a unique take on what might lazily be described as noise-rock or post-hardcore, but are in fact so much more. The guitars and vocals are ferocious without seeming dull or phoned-in, and the rhythm section swings hard while keeping things locked in tight. It is not comforting. Your skin will crawl and your skull will ache. QUITS play like a band that has been through it all and feel like a band that come from somewhere else. A palpable danger held firmly within a sound devoid of the stale corniness that listeners have been choked by for far too long. Desperation and urgency without tough guy posturing. It is loud because it needs to be, not because you want it to be. Brooklyn Vegan has made comparisons to lauded groups like Drive Like Jehu, Metz, and Dischord's cult heroes Circus Lupus. One might also hear echoes of classic rosters from the Gravity, AmRep, Touch and Go, Vermiform, & Skin Graft camps. But this is no nostalgia act; the music QUITS strangle out of their instruments feels very 'now', hyper-aware of what has come before and why it need not be repeated, and seemingly intent on blowing it all to pieces and rebuilding it... leaner, meaner, smarter.

LP $21.95


SGG 086 

***Steve Moore (Zombi, Lovelock) and Overcalc (Nick Skrobisz of Multicult) take the road less traveled in this exploration of synth and psychedelic guitar. Developed from alternating vantages, these recordings feature collaborative, reinterpreted, and original works by both artists, resulting in an uncanny and bold tapestry. Moore, as a solo artist and as co-founder of the synth-heavy prog duo Zombi, along with his position in experimental hardcore outfit Microwaves and collaborations with the likes of Goblin, has had a long, prolific career spanning soundtrack work, minimal techno, noise rock, Berlin School-style synth exploration, Italo and new age with releases on a wide range of imprints including L.I.E.S., Kompakt, Death Waltz, and Relapse. Skrobisz has spent the last decade + fronting rhythmic noise-rock trio Multicult, recording several long players, splits and singles of propulsive, serpentine, unsystematic yet sophisticated heaviness for labels like SGG and Reptilian, and for even longer, managed guitar and vocal responsibilities for Voivod-ian outsider metal unit The Wayward. The two come together on this 12" in a way that highlights their distinct strengths on a path into previously unexplored terrain.

LP $20.25



***SGG are proud to present the staggering new album from Irish foursome Hands Up Who Wants to Die, featuring members of Shifting, No Spill Blood and Wild Rocket. Working again with long-time collaborators John ‘Spud’ Murphy (Black Midi, Lankum, Caroline) and Ian Chestnutt, Hands Up Who Wants To Die present their long awaited third long player, Nil All. The album expands upon the delicate, brutal spectrum found on Hands Up’s previous LP, Vega in the Lyre, pushing further into spacious light and claustrophobic void. The band has twisted minimal musical ideas in various directions, with Spud’s sonic orchestration harnessing the exploration of sinuous melodies, elastic time and delicate micropolyphony. The first release featuring Ten Past Seven’s Rory O’Brien on lyrical duties, themes include strange histories and characters enduring, often out of delusion. The anomalies and warped stories, barely believable. Life as a zero-sum game, brutal and absurd. Pressed in a limited edition run of 12" vinyl in two stunning color variations, housed in a beautiful package featuring the illustrations of Matt Hedigan.

LP $20.25


SGG 085 

Fruits of the Decision Tree by Overcalc


Fruits of the Decision Tree
Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

***Fruits of the Decision Tree is the second LP by the ever-prolific Overcalc(Nick Skrobisz of Multicult infamy) to be released by SGG. Recorded (what feels like a billion moments ago) at the outset of world's shutdown (followed by eerie "recovery period"), these basement tracks finally see the light of day on vinyl. Keeping an unconventional, less polished production value, warts and all, comports with the nature of these quasi-songs. As we further collapse the discrete into the continuous, or at least maintain that illusion through pathological infinitesimalization of information capture, we may bear in mind that our sensory baselines are forever changing.

LP $20.25


SGG 073 

An Eternal Reminder of Not Today / Live at Moers by Oxbow / Peter Brotzmann

Oxbow / Peter Brotzmann

An Eternal Reminder of Not Today / Live at Moers
Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

***Sleeping Giant Glossolalia is proud to present a very special double LP documentation of the nearly unbelievable collaboration between these two giants, "apocalyptic blues caterwaul for the last saloon on earth, by the almighty pairing of OXBOW and the beast from Wuppertal, PETER BRÖTZMANN. An Eternal Reminder Of Not Today was recorded live at Germany’s free jazz-rooted Moers Festival, replete with crowd noise appreciation for the powerful upfront fusion of EUGENE ROBINSON's bellow and Brötzmann’s howling sax. From whiskey-soaked opener ‘Angel’ thru the crushing tristesse and torment evoked by ‘The Valley,’ the melded units veer between exclamatory free jazz noise rock on ‘Cat and Mouse,’ and lurching metal on ‘A Gentleman’s Gentleman,’ with a searing peak of yoked-back blues in ‘Over’ and something like early Sleep or Earth-tempo radical blues in the molasses wade of ‘The Finished Line.’ No doubt they’re seriously putting some back into it here, living up to respective, fearsome reputations for live performance."

2XLP $35.50


SGG 078 

***Patrick Shiroishi returns to his brutal prog roots for an album of 60 saxophone exercises, equally punishing and rewarding. Executed during the plague years and delivered in two halves, one featuring pieces composed strictly with programmed drum accompaniment, the second with additional metal/wood sound sources, Inoue truly stands out in an extensive and captivating discography.

MC $11.00


SGG 083 MC 

***Arelseum is the new project of Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Dysrhythmia) and Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance, The Howling Wind, Reeking Aura). Through their many respective projects, Marston and Lipynsky have spent the past two decades prowling the extreme and experimental depths of metal, and have helped move the genre forward. Acquainted since the early 2000s as prolific members of the New York scene, Marston and Lipynsky began Arelseum in 2020 during the pandemic. Arelseum sees the duo combine their talents in an entirely new way: cinematic synth-scapes, for fans of '70s sci-fi epics, '80s slasher flicks, and dungeon synth. From suffocating tension to placid tranquility, Arelseum paints vivid scenes using tools seemingly of another time/space.

MC $7.75


SGG 075 

***Arelseum is the new project of Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Dysrhythmia) and Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance, The Howling Wind, Reeking Aura). Through their many respective projects, Marston and Lipynsky have spent the past two decades prowling the extreme and experimental depths of metal, and have helped move the genre forward. Acquainted since the early 2000s as prolific members of the New York scene, Marston and Lipynsky began Arelseum in 2020 during the pandemic. Arelseum sees the duo combine their talents in an entirely new way: cinematic synth-scapes, for fans of '70s sci-fi epics, '80s slasher flicks, and dungeon synth. From suffocating tension to placid tranquility, Arelseum paints vivid scenes using tools seemingly of another time/space.

MC $7.75


SGG 076 

***Arelseum is the new project of Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Dysrhythmia) and Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance, The Howling Wind, Reeking Aura). Through their many respective projects, Marston and Lipynsky have spent the past two decades prowling the extreme and experimental depths of metal, and have helped move the genre forward. Acquainted since the early 2000s as prolific members of the New York scene, Marston and Lipynsky began Arelseum in 2020 during the pandemic. Arelseum sees the duo combine their talents in an entirely new way: cinematic synth-scapes, for fans of '70s sci-fi epics, '80s slasher flicks, and dungeon synth. From suffocating tension to placid tranquility, Arelseum paints vivid scenes using tools seemingly of another time/space.

MC $7.75


SGG 077 

***SGG is happy to announce the long-in-the-works collaborative LP from the master of Japanese noise Masami Akita and American avant-rock outfit Hyrrokkin. "Faltered Pursuit" is the result of a highly unorthodox writing and recording process that also features contributions from Andrea Parkins, Rob Mazurek, and players known for their work with Fugazi, All-Scars, William Hooker, Rhys Chatham, Gastr del Sol, Monotrope, and more.

LP $19.95



Distant Galaxies Collide by Urwelt


Distant Galaxies Collide
Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

***Urwelt is the newest project of UK musicians Anthony Di Franco and Kevin Laska. Di Franco is a member of legendary psych-noise squad Ramleh, founded in the early '80s amidst the UK's early industrial and power electronics scene; he is also a solo artist with releases under the names AX and JFK. (Of JFK's brand new 2021 album, Avalanche Zone, NYC band Uniform tweeted: "An early contender for record of the year... A heavy electronics masterpiece by one of the genre’s most enduring artists."). Laska is known to many as Godflesh's principal live sound engineer. He makes music via his own project, Transitional, with albums released on Justin Broadrick's Avalanche Recordings label, and teamed up on a split with Broadrick's JK Flesh project in 2019. He has been a member of the relaunched Ramleh. Di Franco and Laska first teamed up in the late '90s; their collab, Novatron, melded noise and drone and yielded one album, New Rising Sun, in 2000. Two decades later, the two are at it again: new project Urwelt picks up where Novatron left off and ups the intensity by powers of ten. On debut album Distant Galaxies Collide, opener "Pure Celestial Eyes" sets the tone: demonic distortion, hypnotic loops, and a slowly intensifying synth-swell combine to create a vivid experience that absolutely dominates the listener for the track's entire 14-minute running time. Urwelt's combination of squelching noise and rapturous drone could be likened to a mix of Tangerine Dream and Sunn 0))). The tones underlying...

LP $19.95


SGG 067 

***"With three full-length albums released in the past 10 years, GNAW has made a name for icy sounds, an avant mixture of metal and noise elements, exploring the extreme depths of existence. Of the new EP, Barking Orders, vocalist ALN DUBIN states: 'These four songs are based around decay... The world, cities, the mind and body, all falling apart. Kill or be killed, or wither alone.' Barking Orders kicks off with an absolutely electrifying cover of Einsturzende Neubauten's 1981 song 'Kollaps.' In Gnaw's hands the song marches forward unstoppably, like a plague advancing across a landscape. Dubin's urgent shrieks (honed through decades of next-level screaming as the frontman for KHANATE and OLD) lead the way: 'Collapse! Our wandering destroys the cities! Our wandering destroys the cities!' From there, the EP melts into what Dubin calls, 'noisy, experimental, electronic songs.' Standout 'Rid the City' is nearly 9 minutes of nonstop tension, featuring Dubin's whispers, falsetto cries and screams, inspired by the 1977 Son of Sam murders. Perhaps better than any other band of today, Gnaw is able to conjure the paranoia of that particular chapter of NYC history."

LP $19.95


SGG 071 

***"With leather, chains, macabre makeup, and a cast of characters including an 85-year-old vocalist, shirtless twin brothers, and iconic keyboard player RODDY BOTTUM (FAITH NO MORE, IMPERIAL TEEN), NASTIE BAND is one of New York City's most thrilling spectacles. The sound: spine-chilling dirges, for fans of the creepiest depths of Khanate or Thrones or Confessor. The album opens and closes with songs featuring octogenarian CHRIS KACHULIS' croon—a damaged, pining voice, in the spirit of the late Scott Walker. Fans of early electronic music know Kachulis as a collaborator of Bruce Haack; he sang on Haack's 1970 album, The Electric Lucifer, among other things. Over seven songs, the band descends deep into dungeon atmospherics and minimalist metal, punctuated by Bottum's icy, signature synths. From the hypnotic throb of "Shapeshift," to the battle march of "Circle of Knives," to the dance-terror of "Relapse," Nastie Band's art-doom crackles with the type of danger, darkness, and drama that once defined New York City.

LP $21.75



***With a background in classical guitar, UNNATURAL WAYS founder AVA MENDOZA has wowed listeners across genres, channeling her blazing technique toward the outer edges of jazz, noise-rock, and metal. Inspired equally by Sonny Sharrock, The Butthole Surfers, and Morbid Angel, Mendoza's musical prowess has led to collaborations with a long list of living legends in the avant-music sphere and beyond: John Zorn, Nels Cline, Carla Bozulich, Fred Frith, Violent Femmes, and more. Mendoza formed Unnatural Ways in Oakland, California in 2012. Largely instrumental, the band's first two albums were released on New Atlantis Records and John Zorn's Tzadik label, respectively. Like Keiji Haino, or the most experimental moments of Black Flag, chewed up and spit into deep space, the sound was bluesy and epic, whilst complex. Mendoza relocated to Brooklyn in 2015. Unnatural Ways' third album, The Paranoia Party, heralds a new chapter in Mendoza's story: it is the first album to feature her vocals as a central element in every song. A guitarist for 27 years, Mendoza has finally brought her vocals to the forefront, singing with a sweetly commanding wail that evokes Siouxsie Sioux. Perhaps it is no coincidence that she chose this point in time to do so—The Paranoia Party's lyrics tell a sci-fi tale that is relevant and crucial to the news of today. In Mendoza's words, it is about "aliens and being alien; political paranoia, inclusion, exclusion, migration, immigration, border crossing, alter egos and alternate realities."   The Paranoia Party was recorded by JASON LAFARGE...

LP $19.95


SGG 059 

CD $0.00


SGG 059 

Missive: Sister Ships by Stern


Missive: Sister Ships
Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

***STERN was founded in 2008 as an outlet for composer/vocalist CHUCK STERN, former frontman of TIME OF ORCHIDS, a band with releases on Cuneiform Records and John Zorn's Tzadik label. After three albums, the project grew into its current incarnation, a full band consisting of Chuck Stern and three current and former members of KAYO DOT: TOBY DRIVER, KEITH ABRAMS and TIM BYRNES. Missive: Sister Ships is the sixth Stern release in all, and the third to be made by the current lineup. Self-described as "icy pop gems for aching hearts and doom freaks," the Stern sound is haunting and slippery. With a palette of slow tempos and minimal instrumentation, the band constructs a highly unpredictable reality where serenity can flip into nausea in the space of one note. Restraint and dissonance are used as weapons in these austere, strangely meditative songs, but the half-charred remains of familiar pop structures and melodies are ever-present in the periphery. Features artwork by iAN ANDERSON of The Designer's Republic, known for their artwork for Pulp, Aphex Twin and Autechre.  "The quartet twists meticulously, almost seductively, through pop-rock songs refracted at disorienting angles. Stern himself is a provocative lyricist and an oddly endearing singer... His voice, like Scott Walker's, can quickly curve from a croon to a caterwaul... Like the best of Kayo Dot and Time of Orchids, it revels in the unexpected.”—Pitchfork

LP $26.95


SCG 056 

***The perfect pairing. Brooklyn's most maniacally raw agitators and Pittsburgh's paranoia-fueled, cybernetic no-wave grinders sharing one slab of 12" vinyl with eye-gouging screen printed jackets. With so much contemporary "heavy" music seemingly drawing from the same fountains for influence, COUCH SLUT are a breath of fresh air, with their truly unique voice projecting loud and clear above the din. While comparisons to Oxbow, Darkthrone, Today is the Day, Swans, Unsane, and even Failure might not be off the mark in terms of inspiration, the execution is carried out in a fashion all their own. Unsettlingly direct lyrics and vocal deliveries that command attention, alongside songwriting that is both menacing and memorable. Two exclsuive new tracks—a bombed-out, doomed rendition of Steely Dan's "Babylon Sisters," followed by the blistering original "Dorothy." MICROWAVES have been carving out their own path long enough to know how to expertly fill one side of a record with no filler. The musicianship is rivaled only by the tension seething from these three tracks, one being a brand new assault, another being a reworking of a classic Microwaves burner, and finally, a faithful, if demented take on Voivod's "Ravenous Medicine."Limited pressing. Heavy, handmade jackets with artwork by SHAWN KNIGHT. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN.

LP $21.50


SGG 048 

***A Lion is a Lion is the long-awaited 12-inch EP from one half of the founding core lineup of long-running experimentalists/upstarts GROWING. Following up his 2015 release Protest Music, JOE DENARDO's ORNAMENT returns with an EP of expansive soundtracks asking the listener to dream of alternative futures, dystopias, new ways. The title takes it's inspiration from the common Kurdish saying "Şêr şêre çi jine, çi mêre'', a response to questions about the efficacy and equality of revolutionary fighting forces by all genders. We are all equal. We can all fight. Keeping with an instrumentation of guitars and electronics, A Lion is a Lion performs like a mixtape of six investigation zones, digging into sonic territories and finding rather unstable footings. Unique, die-cut LP jackets provide an "interactive" experience for the listener. Strictly limited pressing. Download included.

12" $23.25



***Beginning in New York City in late 2011 as the one-woman solo project of bassist / multi-instrumentalist DANA SCHECHTER (ANGELS OF LIGHT, BEE AND FLOWER), the band became a duo in 2015 with the addition of Portland-based drummer ASHLEY SPUNGIN (TAURUS). Largely instrumental, the band are equally inspired by experimental doom/drone, '60s horror film soundtracks, psych, and traditional classical composers. Creating a personal soundtrack to the human psyche’s underbelly, Insect Ark weaves a brooding, textural landscape, a starless night spiked with light and flash. The music braids together delay-drenched lap steel guitar, acoustic and electronic drums, distorted bass & synths to create a sonic mural both uncomfortably intimate and icy cold. Portal / Well delivers on what Pitchfork called Insect Ark's sense of "metamorphosis, loss, and menacing dream logic" while The Wire has stated that Insect Ark "stand in the lineage of other crypto-metal solo projects—Earth circa Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions, or ex-Earth associate Joe Preston’s project Thrones and that "a spacious, noir-ish jazz elegance permeates, approaching the atmosphere of Germany’s Bohren and Der Club Of Gore." Beautiful screen printed jackets, limited pressing.  You’ve likely encountered Schechter’s large and eclectic body of work through her collaborations with Locrian, Enablers, and Gnaw, her earliest efforts in Gifthorse(with Leviathan/Lurker of Chalice’s Jef Whitehead), or stints with American Music Club and 4AD’s Tarnation.

LP $21.50



***Shutout is the new LP by BROWN ANGEL, a post-everything trio from Pittsburgh / Ecuador for fans of noise rock raga, teutonic industrial aesthetic, and Hellhammer-grade weaponized dub. Much has been said of the unique sense of dread and paranoia accompanying Brown Angel's recorded efforts and live show: "...Nothing can abate that iciness in my spine brought on by RENSLAND's ponderous bass foundations (as if his bass lines are crawling to their death), MACGREGOR's pestilence-conjuring riffs, ROMAN's refractive percussion--the guy practically does to heavy drumming what Escher did to perspective."—Decibel. They have been called "eminently bleak and seismically heavy" and "sexless, glacial metal punishment" (Doug Mosurock) while the atmosphere they conjure has been compared to that of an abandoned oil tanker. Shutout is the band's most realized album to date. Limited edition pressing on clear vinyl.

LP $17.75



***FINAL BOSS return with Ura Nage, which follows Enforcer out of the bunker for a rare glimpse at a dying sun obstructed by the seemingly endless, sprawling decrepitude of their NYC environs. Final Boss features members of OPENING BELL, ACTION BEAT (the UK noise-rock upstarts fronted by GW Sok of The Ex), and others.

MC $9.25



***"ART OF BURNING WATER refuse to die despite being one of the most frowned upon bunch of noise making twats of the past decade and a half. There is no machine behind this band and the UK 'underground' rock circle jerk has never approved them or championed them and they do not have friends in high places but do have high friends. You won't be told to check them out and they will not be seen high fiving the correct people in the correct places in order to further their way up festival bills with the correct bands. Art Of Burning Water are outsiders in the truest sense of the word and very proud to stand outside the circle of your love. Art Of Burning Water are a steroided immigrant noise punk outfit that does not need to be loved to live. Art Of Burning Water love what they do and therefore need not be loved for what they do. This is strong music by weak people. For fans of: Keelhaul, Rorschach, Voivod, Amebix, Godflesh and Motorhead. D-beat goes to school—this is PhD beat!" Packaged in screen printed jackets. Strictly limited.  Released by Bigout in Europe, SuperFi in UK.

LP $14.25


SGG 041 

***"SUBMISSIONS, hailing from the Los Angeles area, are a post-industrial dirge duo whose members have, somewhat confusingly, done time in such seemingly disparate yet highly regarded outfits as GERMAN ARMY, THE FOR CARNATION, DUMB NUMBERS, POLAR GOLDIE CATS, LAW OF THE ROPE, and perhaps a few that you might not even believe if we told you. Submissions, or BOBB BRUNO and RALPH K. GERMAN as they are better known, deliver a bleak, heavy soundtrack to the absolute worst of times." Strictly limited.

LP $14.25


SGG 027 

***Visiting Hours, the newest long-player from Brooklyn's VAZ for the SGG label, following 2011's precedent-obliterating Chartreuse Bull, manages to at once capture the live ferocity of the band as well as highlight their use of the studio as another weapon in a formidable aural arsenal. Our use of alliteration here should illustrate that we mean business. In fact, it's safe to say that the needle was buried so deep in the red that recording engineer BEN GREENBERG (The Men, Hubble) still hasn't managed to excavate it. Vaz are touring for the entirety of November in support of Visiting Hours" making stops all across the U.S. and sharing bills with label-mates and old and new friends alike. It is advised that you attend these shows.

LP $15.50


SGG 030 

***Warped power-pop inspired by freeform radio, int'l psych, classic punk and Guided By Voices. LAME DRIVERS spent much of the past decade in the basement while also playing in other bands like HOME BLITZ and GET HIM EAT HIM. Their side of the EP features two songs that are very different from each other. "Headhunting" channels Mark E Smith, tight 3-piece groove. "Excess" is from an earlier incarnation of the band, feat MATT LEMAY and KEVIN SPARKS, and is a haunting song about about human excesses destroying the planet, and an excessive relationship destroying itself. RIYL Jesus and Mary Chain, shoegaze? THE WOOLEN MEN are three—two Oregon natives and a Washingtonian. They play punk influenced DIY music in the Pac-NW tradition of Dead Moon and the Wipers. Their side reflects their NW punk / NZ pop influences with Deaf Americans, mastered by Pete Swanson of Yellow Swans, Badgerlore and a cover of the Terminals' "Frozen Car."

7" $7.25


SGG 028 

***A new single split between Los Angeles’ NET SHAKER and Sweden’s ECTOPLASM GIRLS. Net Shaker specialize in propulsive, rhythmic anti-rock. The two tracks on this 7" drone but do not bore, and they serve as an excellent preview of their forthcoming LP on Kill Shaman. Cold and calculating with a hint of warm and inviting. Ectoplasm Girls, hailing from Sweden, raved about by Wire and aQuarius Records, "The Byrne sisters could very well be ghosts from the mid-80s cassette culture of DIY electronics, industrial antipathy, and corrosive psychedelia." Packaged in ful-color fold-over jackets.

7" $9.45


SGG 023 

***The toxins borne of that so-called "pigfuck renaissance" we've been hearing about in places like the Village Voice must have been seeping down from New York City into the fertile Baltimore soil for some time now, as the second album from MULTICULT only amplifies all the acid-damaged qualities that have made the band a unanimous favorite in these harsh realms. Everything has been turned up a notch to make Spaces Tangled a more efficient killing machine. The songs are heavier and more concise, the recording clearer without losing even a hint of urgency, and the unlikely mutant-funk angle has been dialed in to give this record the finish of a Chrome-plated post-punk relic that somehow, rather than looking to the past, warns of a rhythmically devastating, noise-drenched future. Limited edition pressing. Includes a download.

LP $17.50


SGG 025 

***The debut vinyl offering from New York's OLDEST, the duo of MICK BARR and BROOKS HEADLEY, is an unlikely document of raw, blackened, avant-hardcore that could only come from a unit with the equally unlikely pedigree boasted by the two lifers responsible for this platter of absolute aural barnburners. It might seem impossible for just two men to share a collective résumé that includes BORN AGAINST, KRALLICE, UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON, ORTHRELM, MEN’S RECOVERY PROJECT, CROM-TECH, WRANGLER BRUTES, OCTIS, and many others. It might also be difficult to imagine one band simultaneously conjuring the spirits of outsider heaviness pioneers like Darkthrone, Voivod, and Man Is The Bastard while delivering a truly unique take on aggressive music. All disbelief will dissipate as this black slab burns a hole through you turntable. (STREET DATE - 5/08/2012)  

LP $17.50


SGG 019 

***VAZ exist in a realm outside of any known comfort zone, operating off the grid and blasting straight through any and all trends with their eyes seemingly closed to the vapidness of it all. Hoisting the flag of creep-rock high above the heads of any who might challenge the throne with Chartreuse Bull, their leanest, meanest LP yet, it's no wonder Vaz have outlived the space shuttle and any other fad you can think of. Guitarist PAUL ERICKSON and drummer JEFF MOORDIAN launched this mission years ago with HAMMERHEAD and now, with the addition of TYLER NOLAN, Vaz will continue to laugh as the satellites crash around their heads. Past Vaz efforts on Load, Thin The Herd, and GSL have hinted that the day will come when it's time to board up the house and go underground, but Chartreuse Bull will have you running for the hammer and nails. US tour with Pygmy Shrews this summer. Limited edition of 500 copies with screen printed jackets. Includes a download. Received a 7.6 rating from Pitchfork.

LP $17.50


SGG 017 

***BOBB BRUNO, known for his work in fuzzy dream-pop outfit BEST COAST, slow-burning metal merchants GOLIATH BIRD EATER, and post-rock lurkers POLAR GOLDIE CATS, to name but a few, not to mention his role in shaping the current LA underground by making records with MIKA MIKO, POCAHAUNTED, and MAGIC LANTERN, in addition to stints with THE FOR CARNATION and IMAAD WASIF, has been turning out his thoughtfully-crafted solo work for years, and never so seamlessly as on Mellowdramas. With it's combination of late-night-loner electronic drift, dream-inducing rhythmic workouts, and masterful avant-pop orchestrations, this is a record that stays with you. Written and recorded during a period of personal turmoil, the album travels the arc from the deeply melancholic to the triumphant, leaving bad dreams to die on the bedroom floor. Not concerned with coolness, with Mellowdramas you get the real thing, and just maybe, a good night's sleep. Features guest appearances by NELS CLINE (WILCO),  REBECCA COLEMAN (PAGEANTS, ex-AVI BUFFALO), JOSH KLINGHOFFER (RHCP), and others. Limited edition of 500 copies.

LP $17.50


SGG 012 

Live At Aquarius Records / Wfmu Showcase by Shit And Shine

Shit And Shine

Live At Aquarius Records / Wfmu Showcase
Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

***Recorded live in Austin, Texas during the most recent WFMU/Aquarius Records SXSW Showcase. A special piece composed for this occasion featuring multiple guest drummers in addition to the core lineup. The entire set is captured on this glorious piece of wax with locked grooves on either side to enhance the hyper-rhythmic, dromedome-tunnel vision listening experience. Full color jackets featuring photos taken by the Englishmen themselves during their Texan invasion. Limited to 500 pieces.

LP $20.50