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***Psych-Pop masterpiece from two of the best to ever do it. LA native and weirdo-pop enthusiast ARIEL PINK joins forces with lo-fi pop pioneer R. STEVIE MOORE in a crazy freak-out extravaganza! Back in 2012, two leaders of the modern psych scene colluded together in making a 60-plus track album. Here, we have the definitive collection of songs from Ku Klux Glam. Remastered and compiled by R. Stevie Moore, this is a presentation of this record in it’s clearest form. Limited edition vinyl only release. No Export outside of North America.

LP $20.65

07/15/2016 827565061525 

STR 019P 

***Distorted guitars, thunderous rhythms and vocals that hang in the ether like your conscience urging you to do the right thing. TECHNICOLOR TEETH play '80s indie-rock shaped punk in the best possible way. A fantastically under-appreciated record! Comes in a digipak. (STREET DATE - 10/30/2015)

CD $17.00

11/06/2015 5065001647536 

STRON 007pcd 

Opal Collection by Maston


Opal Collection
Stroll On

***A spellbinding 10-track collection of baroque-pop nuggets from FRANK MASTON, who is currently a permanent fixture in the JACCO GARDNER BAND. In 2013 Maston released the outstanding; Shadows via Trouble In Mind. He now releases Opal Collection, which precedes the TiM album. A magical psychedelic journey through the mind of the pop-wizard. Includes download. (STREET DATE - 10/30/2015)

LP $22.65

10/30/2015 5065001647932 


The Scuzzy Inputs Of Willie Weird by Willie Weird (kelley Stoltz)

Willie Weird (kelley Stoltz)

The Scuzzy Inputs Of Willie Weird
Stroll On

***An alternate universe meisterwerk from pop avatar KELLEY STOLTZ, wherein he reveals the twisted manifestos of his alter-ego, WILLIE WEIRD. Taking us on a journey through the more twisted avenues of his mind, Stoltz veers from Beefheart to Ween both boldly & humorously. This is a record steeped in pop culture references and influences and packed with hooks and melodic turns. Pressed on randomly mixed splatter vinyl in an edition of 750 copies with download. No Export outside of North America. (STREET DATE - 10/30/2015)

LP $24.65

10/30/2015 827565061044 


The Story Of Marsha Lotus by Pyramid Vritra

Pyramid Vritra

The Story Of Marsha Lotus
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***PYRAMID VRITRA takes us, the listener, on a journey through space with this record. The Story of Marsha Lotus is a cohesive piece of music which moves between voluminous new age soundscapes, aggressive glitch-hop and solo piano recitals. This record is a carefully molded dose of outer-orbit Hip-Hop-Psychedelia. Limited edition of 500 copies. (STREET DATE - 10/30/2015)

LP $22.65

10/30/2015 5065001647468 

STR 002plp 

***Odds & sods from the KELLEY STOLTZ canon. The San Franciscan wizard hits us with some magical jams. These tunes were recorded in the sessions for his upcoming full length on Castle Face. Housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve and featuring a grotesque “monkey myth”. Pressed on splatter vinyl in an edition of 500 copies. No Export outside of North America. (STREET DATE - 10/30/2015)

2X7" $18.75

10/30/2015 827565061037 

STR 018g7 

***TRIPTIDES hit a home run here with what can only be described as a psychedelic-pop masterpiece. Combining the jangle-guitar vibrations that lit up their first record with a more defined & perfected sound, Triptides have really landed. Bringing the famed Farfisa into the fold on Predictions, there is a real sense of a band in their absolute prime. Make sure you don't sleep on this record! CD comes in carded-sleeve digipak. (STREET DATE - 10/30/2015)

CD $17.00

10/30/2015 5065001647727 

STRON 013pcd 

Sun Pavilion by Triptides


Sun Pavilion
Stroll On

***Sun Pavilion, the debut album release from TRIPTIDES balances lo-fi production with a strong, dynamic songwriting approach, this feels like a band on the verge. Jangling chords, reverb-soaked melodies & tremolo wobble with dream-like Barrett-esque harmony vocals, hypnotic circling progressions and cosmic forays. Psych-Gold! Comes in a digipak. (STREET DATE - 10/30/2015)

CD $17.00

10/30/2015 5065001647567 

STRON 008pcd