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Too Much Bullshit by Death Ridge Boys

Death Ridge Boys

Too Much Bullshit

***In recent years, the ever-mercurial tastes of the subcultural throngs have shifted, and Oi!-influenced punk music is now enjoying a renewed interest and cache in the current scene, even among the most dyed in the wool, capital “H” Hardcore circles. As such, a new vanguard of standard bearers have emerged, and Portland’s DEATH RIDGE BOYS are waving the banner high. Formed in 2017 by TALK IS POISON's WILLIAM HARRIS, along with by members of PRESSING ON, FOR THE WORSE, and RAW NERVES, to name a few, Death Ridge Boys play a fiercely political brand of streetwise punk/Oi! that pays homage to the genre’s roots through a decidedly modern cultural lens. On their third full length (and TKO Records debut), Too Much Bullshit, they’ve crafted a 12-track bruiser of an album: brimming with anthemic, melodic, and unabashedly Leftist Oi! that competes with the best current bands. Musically rooted in the timeless sounds of originators like the Business, 4-Skins and Angelic Upstarts, Too Much Bullshit is heavy on the football chant and '60s-style guitar leads that give Oi! music the urgency and immediacy that still resonates over 30 years later. Topped off by Harris’ gruffly melodic vocals and incisive lyrics, these songs buck against cops, modern technology, endless proxy wars, and anything or anyone else with their boot on the throats of the American working class. Lifelong Oi! fans will find everything here that first made them fall in love with the style, and new initiates will immediately get what all the...

LP $23.50


TKO 23 0002 1 

Great Disasters by Antiseen


Great Disasters

***After 40 years as one of the longest running and most prolific groups in American Punk music, one could suspect that ANTiSEEN might be pretty close to running on E ... but this couldn’t be further from the truth. With their latest full length offering, Great Disasters, they aim to silence the doubters and unbelievers, and they hit their mark dead on. Their first LP since 2017’s Obstinate, Great Disasters is a filler-free, 25 minute tour de force that perfectly exemplifies the qualities that have made ANTiSEEN such an enduring presence in the underground. The record’s nine urgent, lively, and expertly-composed tracks range from motor-charged rippers to anthemic stompers, all brimming with the band’s ever-present Southern swagger and grit. After four decades and dozens of releases, the band is somehow sharper and more vital than ever, with all energy and twice the personality of bands half their age. This is feat is in no small part due to the band’s newly minted “ULTRA Line-Up," featuring mastermind Jeff Clayton, longtime collaborator Sir Barry Hannibal, and known associates Malcolm Tent and Walt Wheat. Tent’s long track record as a paragon of American outsider music both running the label TPOS and as a member of BROKEN TALENT and the BLOODY APOSTLES, among many others, make him a valuable asset to the new line-up. Likewise, Wheat’s decades-long stint as the guitarist of Mississippi’s BEFORE I HANG earned him a honed edge ready-made for ANTiSEEN’s razor-sharp style of homegrown Southern Punk. And with none other...

LP $26.95


TKO 23 0001 1 

Tales Of The Wild, The Ugly & The Damned by Lower Class Brats

Lower Class Brats

Tales Of The Wild, The Ugly & The Damned

***“Needs no introduction” is a phrase that’s frequently bandied about with little attention paid to its real weight. But with five full lengths, over a dozen 7” EPs, a live record, countless compilation appearances, and a nearly 30 year career under their belt, LOWER CLASS BRATS are a band that truly need no introduction. Since their formation in 1995, the BRATS has been one of the premier American punk acts, playing a brand of Glam Rock and Oi!-informed streetwise Punk Rock that is unmistakably their own. With 15+ years since their last LP, the droogs are back at long last with a new offering of sonic ultra-violence in the form of Tales Of The Wild, The Ugly & The Damned. While other bands with long histories inevitably crest and dip over time—seeking that elusive “return to form” in their later years—Lower Class Brats have managed to forge a legacy free of missteps. Consequently, Tales Of The Wild, The Ugly & The Damned isn’t a return to form, but the next chapter in their legendary career. . Produced by Jack Control (of World Burns To Death) at Enormous Door, in their original home of Austin, TX, this album clocks in at just over 25 minutes, and boasts 11 raging, sub-3 minute songs. Tales is replete with the razor-edged, boot stomping, singalong anthems that have long been the band’s hallmark. Massive choruses, 70s rock ’n’ roll swagger, and no shortage of antisocial mania make this yet another worthy addition into the formidable...

LP $23.50


TKO 22 0005 1 

Here to Ruin Your Groove by Antiseen


Here to Ruin Your Groove

***Let’s not mince words—In the American punk canon, there are few acts as tenured as Charlotte, NC’s legendary ANTiSEEN. With dozens of singles, LPs, compilations, and live records to their name, choosing a definitive “best” is nigh on impossible. But if we’re going to have the conversation anyway, there’s zero question that their now classic 1996 full length Here To Ruin Your Groove is in the running. Marking a shift in both personnel and paradigm for the band, Here To Ruin Your Groove introduced Tripp McNeill and Barry Hannibal into the fold; A pair whose contributions would help shape the band’s sound for years to come. As a veteran of fellow Charlotte underground luminaries Seducer, McNeill’s metal-infused, melodic approach to bass both perfectly complemented and expanded upon ANTiSEEN’s patented brand of grimy, Southern punk rock ’n’ roll. For Hannibal’s part, his role as drummer, producer, engineer, bassist, and more has remained an integral component of the band’s makeup for the last several decades. The result of this newly minted rhythm section was a record that delivered on the raucous, irreverent punk ANTiSEEN had spent years perfecting, while broadening the band’s scope to include even more melodic flare and heavy metal flourishes. With Jeff Clayton’s singular voice and uncompromising vision anchored by the feral roar of Joe Young's buzzsaw guitar, Here To Ruin Your Groove immediately cemented its status as one of ANTiSEEN’s most compelling, hard-hitting, and lasting efforts. Lovingly reissued for the first time since 2003 as a newly remastered...

2XLP $34.75


TKO 17 0002-1 

Young Lords by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

Young Lords

***It’s no secret that few music scenes have ever matched the sheer animal ferocity, vitriol, and urgency on display in those first few legendary years of American Hardcore. Of that scene’s flagship groups, perhaps none better exemplify the aforementioned traits than Portland’s greatest export, POISON IDEA. As the early years of their existence have become mythologized through the passage of time, oral tradition, and fuzzy recollections, complete documents of that era are more valuable than ever. As such, TKO Records is proud to present Young Lords: Live At The Metropolis, 1982. Mixed and mastered from the original multi-track audio from their May 5th, 1982 show at The Metropolis in Portland, Oregon, Young Lords exemplifies the primal freneticism that made Poison Idea an American Hardcore institution. Replete with now-classic staples of their early catalogue, pitch perfect covers of songs by contemporaneous acts like JFA and SOA, and quintessential JERRY A. stage banter (“Our drum player’s on acid; Just leave the lights off.”), Young Lords serves as both a historical snapshot of a young band firing on all cylinders and a not so gentle reminder of that band’s enduring legacy. Delivered, as always, with due attention to detail, Young Lords is presented here in a deluxe “Pig Note” layout, including a gatefold sleeve with a bound in 12-page booklet that features previously unpublished photos and flyers, as well as an 11.5” x 23” poster insert. For either the neurotic completist or the newcomer in search of an introductory crash course to one...

LP $34.75


TKO 22 0003 1 

Release The Animal by Tyrant


Release The Animal

***After some unanticipated production delays, TKO is proud to bring you the debut 12" release from Danish HC/Oi! powerhouse TYRANT. Started in 2016 as a project between members of NIGHT FEVER and CESSPOOL, Tyrant delivers a skull-crunching brand of brutal HC/Punk with a heavy Oi! influence, topped off with ultra-negative, misanthropic lyrics. Serious bad vibes. Release The Animal collects all the material from the band's previous two European 7" releases, both of which sold out immediately and now fetch big bucks on the collectors market. So, you're welcome. First pressing of 400 copies on black vinyl.

12" $23.50


TKO 22 0004-1 

All The Young Dudes Are Pissed by Lower Class Brats

Lower Class Brats

All The Young Dudes Are Pissed

***To close out 2022, TKO is proud to bring you the first new material from THE LOWER CLASS BRATS in a decade! Featuring a foot stomping, fist pumping new A-side anthem, and backed up with a one minute and ninety second barn-burner of a B-side that's so sharp and fast, it’ll draw blood. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

7" $12.75



Outremer by Templars



***After contending with nearly a full year of delays, we are happy to finally be bringing you the long-awaited reissue of the TEMPLARS' 2005 Outremer album. Out-of-print for nearly a decade, this reissue will mark the first time ever Outremer has been been released in the U.S. on vinyl. The die-hards have been patiently waiting for this one.... 666 copies pressed on black vinyl. "This is top shelf skinhead rock and roll! Fucking brilliant!... good lyrics supported by tight rock n' roll riffs! Excellent!!!"—Bruce Roehrs, MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, 2005

LP $23.50


TC 674 RM 1 

Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? by Antiseen


Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?

***TKO Records is honored to present the 60th 7" release from World Heavyweight Champions of Rock n' Roll ANTiSEEN. Think about that for a minute..... Limited edition of 300 copies.

7" $13.25


TKO 22 0001 7 

***ROSE OF VICTORY originally was a studio collaboration between NEIL "MACKIE" MCLENNAN and NIGEL "NIDGE" MILLER Neil (1958-2007), both founding members the iconic UK Punk/Oi! band BLITZ. McLennan and Miller's post-Blitz project released one well-received 7" single on No Future Records in 1983, before fading into legend—until now. Teaming up with drummer GREG BOULTON (the VIOLATORS, SKINGRAFT, EPIC PROBLEM) and vocalists DAMIAN ABRAHAM (FUCKED UP) and TOBIAS GRAVE (SOFT KILL), Mackie has resurrected the ROSE OF VICTORY project, resulting in the "Full Circle" 7" single. The grittiness of Blitz runs headlong into the kind of Post-Punk melancholy that you can only find in Greater Manchester and the East Midlands, resulting in this wonderful record. Look for more releases from the reactivated Rose Of Victory project in the future. Edition of 400 copies on pink vinyl.

7" $12.75


TKO 22 0002 7 

Kings Of Punk (Portland Edition) by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

Kings Of Punk (Portland Edition)

***Out-of-print for nearly a decade, POISON IDEA's landmark 1986 debut album RETURNS in all its well-deserved glory. TKO could not be more delighted to FINALLY be able to present this newly remasterd edition of Kings Of Punk: inarguably one of the most important Hardcore Punk LPs of all time. AND...for the first time since the original release, the impossibly rare friends and family "Portland Edition" version of Kings Of Punk has been faithfully reproduced for this reissue. At long last, all of us who weren't taking our lumps on the Satyricon dance floor back in '86 can now own a copy of the fabled "Portland Edition" without ransoming our firstborn to the dark forces of the Discogs marketplace. Includes two posters, 16-page lyric booklet and sticker. One-time pressing of 2,000 copies.

LP $31.95


TKO 21 0002 1 

Live From Quarantine 2 by Antiseen


Live From Quarantine 2

***After nearly a full year of delays... ANTiSEEN returns with their follow-up to 2020's limited Live From Quarantine LP! Live From Quarantine 2: Halloween In Quarantine features the blistering full set from the band's live webcast performance that aired online October 25, 2020. This LP features ANTiSEEN's current line-up bulldozing through a macabre selection of originals and cover songs, spanning the band's nearly 40-year career. All copies include a full-color concert-style brochure, presented in the spirit of your favorite live KISS albums from the 1970s. Edition of 300 copies on candy corn splatter vinyl.

LP $23.50


TKO 21 0006 1 

Record Collectors Are Still Pretentious Assholes by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

Record Collectors Are Still Pretentious Assholes

***BACK IN PRINT ON LP FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TEN YEARS!! After contending with nearly a full year of production delays, TKO Records could not be more delighted to bring back this classic material. This new reissue is without a doubt the ultimate version of this title. Between the scorching new mastering job, the expanded artwork and addition of the new poster that maps out all the records featured in the front cover photograph... it doesn't matter if you've already got ALL other versions of this LP, if you're a record collector worthy of the album title, you're gonna need this one.  "Despite all rumors and confusion, POISON IDEA rages with rapid-fire, foaming bites of outrageous energy. This is what you’ve been waiting for. This band deals out the goods with frenetic, hammering madness and rabid intensity thrash-style compositions."—Pushead, MAXIMUM ROCKN'ROLL - October, 1984

LP $21.50


TKO 20 0001 1 

Get Loaded And Fuck by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

Get Loaded And Fuck

***AVAILABLE ON VINYL FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1989!!! This infamous collection of songs from POISON IDEA EPs released between War All The Time and Feel The Darknessfinally gets full TKO reissue treatment it deserves. Now after many months of production delay's, TKO is proud to bring back this essential material from one of Hardcore Punk's all-time legendary bands.  "Originally released as a cassette with this title in ’88, it compiled both the Filthkick and Getting the Fear EPs. All of this was further released on the widely available Ian MacKaye 12″...these are some of the best POISON IDEA songs ever. No, for real. So give it to your little cousins, buy them underage booze, and let them loose to spread hate and venom on a world that truly deserves it. God bless Pig. God bless Slayer Hippy. Amen."—Rotten Ron

12" $19.85



Three Chord Disciple by Savage Beat

Savage Beat

Three Chord Disciple

***2022 mark's TKO Records 25th year, and for the first new title of the year, we've chosen a project that gives a nod to the earliest day's of the label's history. And we couldn't think of a better way to do that in 2022 than by releasing an EP by a new Street Punk band! Amsterdam's SAVAGE BEAT is one of our favorite current Oi!/Street Rock n'Roll bands, and we are very excited to be presenting this new EP from them. Three Chord Disciple is a powerhouse of an EP that features: -Two new original tracks from SAVAGE BEAT -Two cover songs featuring guest vocals from JERRY A (POISON IDEA) and JEFF CLAYTON (ANTiSEEN) -A full-color gatefold jacket designed by SPOILER, who's distinctive illustrations have recently appeared on, among other things, the latest LP by CHUBBY & THE GANG

2X7" $17.00


TKO 210005-7 

The Beast Goes East by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

The Beast Goes East

***For the first time, ever, TKO Records & American Leather are proud to present THEE definitive audio and visual document of POISON IDEA's historic 1990 North American tour—The Beast Goes East. Teaming up with renowned author and Hardcore/Punk historian Tony Rettman, we were able to uncover a previously unheard soundboard recording of POISON IDEA's set at City Gardens, Trenton, NJ from the May 06, 1990 stop on their tour. Sourced directly from the house engineer's cassette, The Beast Goes East captures a raw, blistering performance from the Kings Of Punk, just months before the release of their 1990 masterpiece Feel The Darkness. The Beast Goes East is presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket, designed by John Yates in his signature "Punk Note" style, with liner notes from Rettman, (who was in the audience that night). Bound into the gatefold jacket is a 20-page booklet of previously unpublished tour photos. A color 11.5" x 22" poster is also included. Edition of 1,000 copies.

LP $32.95


TKO 20 0006 1 

The New Seditionaries by Lower Class Brats

Lower Class Brats

The New Seditionaries

***15TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION!!! LOWER CLASS BRATS' groundbreaking 2006 album released domestically on vinyl for the first time. Brutally remastered for max audio destruction. Edition of 300 on orange vinyl.

LP $19.85


TKO 20 0005-1 

Live From Quarantine by Antiseen


Live From Quarantine

***Just like the title says, this new album from ANTiSEEN was recorded LIVE last June, in the midst of the nationwide shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Proving that not even a global plague could stop them, ANTiSEEN delivered a thundering set that was broadcast live via webcast to an audience of nearly 15,000 fans. Now TKO brings you the definitive document of ANTiSEEN's June 13, 2020 performance in this limited edition LP and DVD set. Edition of 300 on colored vinyl.

LP+DVD $21.50


TKO 20 0003 1 

***When we dropped the first limited pressing of this title back in October 2020, it sold out faster than any previous release on the TKO web store. So after several months and some unexpected delays, we are happy to make this single available on a more widespread basis. Portland Post-Punkers SOFT KILL and legendary POISON IDEA frontman JERRY A team up for this tribute to Oi!/UK82 icons Blitz. Early '80s Manchester get's reimagined via the lens of Portland, Oregon 2020.

7" $9.75



Blank Blackout Vacant by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

Blank Blackout Vacant

***A deluxe reissue of Poison Idea's 1992 classic album remixed from the original analog tapes by Joel Grind (of Toxic Holocaust). "Still-reigning heavyweight kings of Punk bodyslam forth another much awaited ring full of hot power presses from Hades... More hard rock and metal structuring that might piss off a few whiney purists that don't matter anyways... Great lyrics about what some may call the less pleasant side of existence, but POISON IDEA just call life... Real Rock-n-Roll bad boys that harness ten times the power your average Straight-Edge band could ever hope to achieve.”—Flipside (1992). Includes the original LP, along with a bonus 10-track album and reproduction of the original poster.

2XLP $28.35


TKO 18 0006 1 

***TKO releases its first 7-inch in five years with a towering tag-team of off-of-the-top-rope pun rock. ANTiSEEN, the kings of destructo rock team up with none other than the king of punk himself, Mr. JERRY A (POISON IDEA) to deliver a relentless tribute to the BIG TIME WRESTLING HEELS of the 1970s and '80s. Oh the humanity.

7" $9.25


TKO 19 0002 7 

Reconquista Volume Ii by Templars


Reconquista Volume Ii

***The second volume in the Reconquista series of TEMPLARS out-of-print singles and early DIY material. Thirteen tracks recorded betwee 1995 and 2001. "This is rough’n’ready audial insurrection at its most blistering and abrasive with aggressively gruff whiskey-slathered vocals, rumbling low-end three-chord guitar rhythms, frantically fierce face-slapper leads, destructive demolition bass explosions, and hearty pneumatic-drill drum thumpings.... the Templars are the cream of the crop in today’s rapidly growing oi army..... Join ‘em, or die."—Razorcake, 2002

LP $19.65


TC 692 

Snoopy's Christmas by Antiseen


Snoopy's Christmas

***A X-mas Single of ANTiSEEN covering the Royal Guardsmen classic accompanied by TESCO VEE (the Meatmen), JEFF DAHL (Angry Samoans, Vox Pop, etc) and P.P. Duvay (Murder Junkies). "Snoopy's Christmas" is backed with a new ANTiSEEN original, "Christmas '76." Pressed on one-sided colored with a B-side etching. Limited to 300 copies.

12" $17.75


TKO 19-004-1 

***Available for the first time on over 20 years, CONQUERER WORM was a scum rock supergroup led by PHIL "WHISKEY REBEL" IRWIN (RANCID VAT) and JEFF CLAYTON (ANTISEEN), put together as a tribute to infamous 1970s biker rock madman SIMON STOKES. Features PIG CHAMPION (POISON IDEA), KEVIN MARSHALL (Poison Idea, Rancid Vat, ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS), and BERND MINDE (SMEGMA, Rancid Vat, Alcoholics Unanimous). Pressed on limited edition orange vinyl.

LP $16.35


TKO 19-0003-1 

Dans Les Catacombs Du Studio De L’Arce  by Templars


Dans Les Catacombs Du Studio De L’Arce

***BACK IN PRINT!!! This LP collects rare TEMPLARS tracks from band’s first decade. Originally released in 1996, TKO has remastered and resequenced this collection and pressed it on 180-gram vinyl in an edition of 666 copies.

LP $19.95


TC 686RD-1 

Pig's Last Stand by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

Pig's Last Stand

***POISON IDEA's epic 1993 "Farewell" concert performance available for the first time on vinyl. Fifteen tracks including covers of G.I.S.M., Bauahus, Ramones, and The Wipers. Packaged in gatefold jackets with tons of previously unseen photos from the show. Includes a poster reproduction of the original show flyer designed by MIKE KING, and a bonus DVD of a 4-camera shoot of the entire concert.

2XLP+DVD $28.25


TKO 19 0001-1 

Live In Japan by Antiseen


Live In Japan

***In November of 2018 ANTiSEEN crossed the Pacific Ocean for their first ever appearance in Japan! To mark this monumental event, TKO RECORDS has produced this commemorative live album/tour souvenir package. "Live In Japan" has the works:  -Pressed on 180 gram heavyweight White vinyl. -Full color gatefold jacket and printed inner sleeve loaded with photos and other tour ephemera . -Includes full color 20"x30" reproduction of the Japanese tour poster and vinyl sticker.

LP $21.95


TKO 18 0005 1 

***BACK IN PRINT!!! A reissue of the 1991 Murder Junkies album from notoriously dead punk legend GG ALLIN and scumfuck powerhouse ANTISEEN. Last pressed in 2004, Murder Junkies is now available on remastered brown vinyl with a tip-on jacket and full-color poster."Most of the material was written while I was in prison and is meant to be taken extremely seriously. I urge everybody to pick it up and listen to it word for word and feel the power it will create. The time is now to smash all existing barriers of our constipated society..."—GG Allin, MaximumRocknRoll, 1991

LP $16.50


TKO 18 0003-1 

CD $12.75

06/13/2006 665625066628 


The Dying Breed by Antiseen


The Dying Breed

***Hot on the heels of the band's 35th Anniversary celebration, and just in time for their upcoming Japanese tour TKO Records is proud to bring you this all new 7-song EP of brand new recordings by ANTiSEEN. Guitarist MAD BROTHER WARD explains: "OH CHRIST- ANOTHER covers collection??? YEAH—and this one is for good measure. This is a salute to some of the bands which have inspired or influenced us, from childhood to today. From the famous to the infamous, to the obscure and also-ran... and some which sure as HELL paid their dues without getting them in return. Integrity and ethic aren't just cheap buzzwords when put into practice. These are the last of a dying breed..." Limited pressing of 400 copies on opaque blue vinyl.

12" $14.75


TKO 18 004 1 

Feel The Darkness by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

Feel The Darkness

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  An ultra-deluxe vinyl reissue of POISON IDEA's 1990 masterpiece. Remastered from the original 24-track analog reels and available on vinyl for the first time in 15 years. Expanded reissue features a ten-track bonus LP of material from the Feel The Darkness sessions. Pressed on translucent metallic silver vinyl and housed in tip-on gatefold jackets with foil stamping and printed inner sleeves.

2XLP $26.50


TKO 17 0003-1 

We Want Your Drugs by Complete Control

Complete Control

We Want Your Drugs

***A new EP from this Austin, TX street punk powerhouse featuring six previously unreleased recordings from 2003-2008. Limited edition of 500 copies on orange and smoke colored vinyl.

12" $14.75


TKO 18-0002-1 

Same Old Story by Krum Bums

Krum Bums

Same Old Story

***A 10th anniversary reissue of this six-song EP by metal punk warlords KRUM BUMS. Remastered and pressed on vinyl for the first time on mysterious colored wax.

12" $14.50


TKO 18 001 1 

Ep Royalty by Antiseen


Ep Royalty

***Volume 10 of the Vault of ANTiSEEN Reissue Series revisits ANTiSEEN's second EP from 1986. We feel this classic record warrants a classic review to provide context. Here's what CREEM magazine had to say at the time of it's original release: "Down the coast a piece we find the redneck-crunge big-beat slime-barrage white-trash spuz of Antiseen, a quartet of longhaired country-boys who mate MC5 tire-kick and Black Oak Arkansas can-kick, and toss a bit of "Gimme Three Steps" and "Great Balls Of Fire" and "Billion Dollar Babies" and "Freddie's Dead" and "Oakie From Muskogee" in there too, on EP Royalty. These kickers call their brew 'destructo-rock,' and it's as catchy as it is violent..."

LP $17.75


TKO 17 0004 1 

***"With Put ‘Em Up, CH3 has delivered a career-defining album. Written and recorded in the wary post-election days of 2017, the collection of 10 songs are connected as a tightly focused novella, a ‘concept album’ by nature of the timeframe and frame of mind that it was recorded in..... The music remains refined punk with traces of classic ’77 Brit to '80s hardcore, power pop rock, which combined, make up the CH3 sound."—New Noise Magazine. Pressed on red vinyl in and edition of 500 copies with stencil insert.

LP $17.75


TKO 17-0007-1 

(colored Vinyl) Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

(colored Vinyl) Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  A remastered and re-sequenced reissue of Darby Crash Rides Again LP on new blue vinyl. This LP collects twenty-nine tracks from the band’s earliest days. Included are the 100% previously unreleased Boner’s Kitchen demo from 1981, the complete Darby Crash Rides Again demo from 1982, the complete uncut live-on-the-air set from the 1983 KBOO radio benefit, and lastly, outtakes from the Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes recording session. Much of this material is appearing on vinyl for the first time. A complete no-brainer for Poison Idea fans or any fan of the early days of American Hardcore Punk. Packaged with updated artwork and liner notes.

LP $16.35


TKO 15 0003-1 

Honour Among Thieves by Antiseen


Honour Among Thieves

***A stunning reissue of the 1985 debut album from notorious hate-rock tormentors ANTISEEN. Remastered to bring their songs of hate, drunkeness, debauchery, violence, incest and murder to their full glory. Limited edition colored vinyl pressing. Includes a 24x20 poster.

LP $17.25


TKO 17 0001-1 

The Complete Drastic Sessions by Antiseen


The Complete Drastic Sessions

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  For the ninth volume of the Vault Of ANTiSEEN reissue series, we travel back to the band's very first studio recording from November of 1984. Remastered from the original analog 1/4" reel, The Complete DRASTIC Sessions captures Antiseen crawling out of the primordial ooze and taking the first steps of the trail that they continue to blaze to this day. Included in this release is the entire original Drastic EP, plus an additional seven tracks from the same session, most of which are, prior to the is collection, previously unreleased. This first edition of The Complete DRASTIC Sessions is limited to 500 copies on white vinyl. Packaging includes liner notes from JEFF CLAYTON, previously unpublished band photos and some truly mind-bending cover art by JAMIE VAYDA of Loud Comix.

LP $16.35


TKO 16 0005 

War All The Time by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

War All The Time

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  The lost classic returns!! Available for the first time on LP in over 20 years, TKO is bringing you POISON IDEA's seminal second LP from 1987—War All The Time. Long a favorite of diehard PI fans, War... was a pivotal moment in Poison Idea's evolution. With the addition of a second guitarist, and the debut of legendary powerhouse drummer STEVE "THEE SLAYER HIPPIE" HANFORD, this album established the direction Poison Idea would follow into the second decade of their career. This one has been a long time coming folks, and with the full deluxe Kings Of Punk series reissue treatment, this version will prove to be well worth the wait. Pressed on red vinyl.

LP $16.35



The Southern Hostility Demos by Antiseen


The Southern Hostility Demos

***To kick off the new year, TKO is proud to bring the next volume in the Vault Of AntiSeen series, # 8, The Southern Hostility Demos LP. Witness the sonic evolution of ANTiSEEN with these demo tracks, unearthed for the first time in over 25 years! This is the Kings of Destructo-Rock at their most primal!! Limited to 500 copies on opaque yellow vinyl with poster.

LP $17.25


TKO 16 003 

Latest Will And Testament by Poison Idea

Poison Idea

Latest Will And Testament

***This month TKO is delighted to finally bring you Volume 4 of the POISON IDEA Kings Of Punk reissue series: the 10th Anniversary edition of Latest Will & Testament. This album was to be the final recordings of Poison Idea's legendary guitarist TOM "PIG CHAMPION" ROBERTS, and was originally released in Europe in early 2006, shortly after his death. This reissue is the first domestic release of this later period, lost P.I. classic. It's widely agreed among P.I. fans that the original 2006 version clearly suffered from the unfortunate circumstance under which it was released. For this edition, punk/metal crossover wunderkind JOELGRIND of Toxic Holocaust was slated with the task of remixing the album from the master tapes. The end result is the presentation that Latest Will... was always meant to have: an album that now without question earns its place among the rest of the band's powerful discography. First pressing of 1,000 copies on white vinyl.

LP $18.50